A Must Have Experience For 2022! Valley Of Flowers Tour

The last 2 years have been very difficult for people around the globe. After the COVID pandemic had hit the world, people were forced to stay inside their houses. With offices closed, tourist destinations restricted, people have had enough of staying at home. But at the same time, people are not sure what is a good and safe place to visit. In case you are among the people who are in doubt about where to visit so that you are away from the crowd but at the same time are having the experience of your life, then it is time for you to visit the valley of flowers. The trek to the valley of flowers is a must experience, and here are a few facts which will make sure that the valley of flowers is on your travel list.

Why you should Visit the Valley of Flowers National Park

1- Convenient to Reach:

The valley of flowers is located in the state of Uttarakhand – God’s land. The beautiful state houses the beautiful valley of flowers which is located in the Chamoli District. Reaching the valley is not difficult. You can reach the city of Rishikesh by road, train, and even air. The Dehradun Airport is just 21km from Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, you can get a cab which will take you to Govindghat.

2- Easy Trek:

The trek starts from Govindghat, and the 16km trek is very easy when compared to the other treks, which take you to the same height. The trek doesn’t demand much out of the travellers physically.

3- Not Expensive:

The whole trek is dotted with hotels that come across the whole spectrum of prices. You can get hotels that will be very cheap and luxurious. The same goes for the food as well. You can have food at restaurants as well as at small stalls where the locals operate.

4- Scenery like never before:

The valley of flowers is a house for over 200 different varieties of wildflowers. The valley is surrounded by the beautiful Zanskar and the Himalayan Mountain Range and gives you a glimpse of the mammoth size of the high Himalayas. Gorgeous waterfalls also surround the valley. The quietness of the place is enchanting in itself. You can hear the breeze gushing through the leaves and petals, the water falling in the waterfalls.

Beautiful scenes of the valley of flowers

5- Not just flowers:

The 16km trek from Govindghat to the valley will bring you across some animals too. If you are lucky enough, then you may be able to see blue sheep, red foxes, and brown and blue bears walking in your proximity. Just imagine the beauty of a place that is filled with just majestic colors, waterfalls and huge mountains around, clean air, and the blue sky. The valley of flowers is God’s creation. If you are a photographer, a traveler, or you just want to get out of your house to experience what untouched nature looks like, then the valley of flowers is a must-visit place for you.