Vacations are the best time to rejoice with the family and have a bag full of memories. It helps to refresh the mind, get a break from the daily routine, and cherish the location that one chooses. The best time comes with the people one loves and a breathtaking place. These places can help in purifying the mind and body. With the best places around the world, why not go to Indian locations that are the epitome of beauty? Going for a place that comes with mind-boggling nature, awe-inspiring views, and spiritual peace can be the best in the package! The spot of Badrinath – one amongst the Char Dham is the best when it comes to planning an extraordinary trip!

One of the best-known Hindu pilgrim scenes, Badrinath is the best Dham where people come from all over the world. With a subtle atmosphere that magnetizes and purifies the mind, it can be the gateway to serene beauty. As one of the four holy seats of God, it gives the visitors access to beauty and peace wholly. It is the only amongst the Char Dham situated in the Himalayas and having snowy mountains surrounding it. A place dedicated to Lord Vishnu, God is said to have meditated under the Badri tree. It brings down the name of the region, which is a work of saints. With an architectural resemblance to Buddhist architecture, it encapsulates the environment in utmost Indian grace. Placing itself next to Alaknanda, it is the best place to visit for activities, travel, and the never-to-miss shrines.

Why visit Badrinath?

Going to a place gets more interesting when one knows why one should visit. The following are the reasons why every Indian must visit Badrinath:

  • Geography: The scenic beauty of the place is in itself the prime reason for the visitors. Placing itself in the snowy majesty, it caters to mindfulness and serenity.
  • Shrine: Being one of the utmost essential places for the Hindus, it is a rush for all the pilgrims. It helps with creating a bond with the divine and also helps with the mythological knowledge.
  • Activities: The places to visit with the pursuits like trekking and spectacular nature view, add magnetization. It is enchanting for all the visitors and helps to bind them.
  • Weather: Badrinath is open only for a few months for the tourists. The pleasant climate of the region attracts the people. It acts and adds beauty to the movement around the place and the enjoyment.
  • Architecture: The beauty of the carving of the place adds to the benefit for the visitor. The mesmerizing architecture of the temples, bridges, and roads add to an extra adventure.

How to reach Badrinath

The right way and the journey towards the destination are as vital as the place to visit. The following are the best ways for a person to get to Badrinath:

By air

Badrinath does not have a direct connection with any airport across India or worldwide. If anyone wishes to use an airport, the only way to come to Badrinath is via Dehradun. It has several national and international airport connectivity. One can further choose the transports of bus or car to reach Badrinath via roadways.

By road

With sleek yet elegant roads connecting different parts of Badrinath, the transports can come from over India. One can choose busses, private taxis, or go for hiring a driver or a vehicle. One can also go for self-driving. The best is to use the skills of an experienced person throughout the dangerous yet beautiful roads. 

By train

Rail connection to Badrinath directly from any other place is null. The only way to use rail as transport is by using the nearest railway station. It includes the stations of Haridwar and Kotdwar to reach the nearest Badrinath spot. Once one enters the railway arrivals, the rest of the journey is by road. You need to drive for whole day to reach Badrinath by evening.

Local transport near Badrinath

The region of Badrinath is not very large. To look around Badrinath, one has to commute within the place. One can opt for using public buses, taxis, or renting a car to move within the destination. Going for a walk around also helps to cover around small distances to help to visit Badrinath. With the best trekking around, it can be enjoyable!

When to visit Badrinath

Visiting the divine region of Badrinath can be magnetizing for anyone. Open for half a year, Badrinath opens up for a slice of time to let the lurkers get a view of the beauty. The following are the best times:

  • Summers: Despite the sun peeking from behind the clouds, the temperature remains as low as 8 degrees and high as 29 degrees Celcius. It is open from April to June, and the movement becomes a lot easier due to pleasant warmth and lack of snow.
  • Monsoon: The temperature during rains ranges from 6 to 27 degrees Celcius. It is one of the peak times for the visitors. From the increasing and decreasing rainfall from July to September, the beauty enhances and makes the visit worth it!
  • Winters: With only open in one month of October during winters, the region experiences heavy rainfall. Although spectacular in view, the snow coves a large part and becomes heavy by the end of October and hence, the place is closed for the next months to come!

Places to see near Badrinath

Attractions of the place often account for the heritage and culture of the region and people. It involves the best part of the visit. The following are the best attractions of Badrinath:

  • Pandukeshwar

Famous as travelers visit place, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Badrinath. With Vishnu placed in the higher altitudes, it is a local route within Badrinath!

  • Tapta Kund

Dipping as a ritual to cleanse the body and mind is a common practice in Badrinath. The hot water spring between the shrine and Alaknanda is a common attraction!

  • Charan Paduka

Being a religious region of India, it has the witness of the sacred rock that has the foot impression of Lord Vishnu. Being the best attraction, people from all over the world come to see it!

  • Caves

Said to have their respective mythological importance, the caves like Vyas cave, Ganesha cave, etc., are the extreme attraction. It gives an insight into the best views!

  • Mana Village

Located in the Indo-Tibet border near the Chamoli district, it is one of the rare destinations. It is still amongst the places that people are discovering. It is one of the best places to look into and explore if one is into exotic locations.

Our Group in Mana Village Near Badrinath

Activities and things to do in Badrinath

Activities inside or around the region of Badrinath help a person to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The following are the most enjoyable activities in Badrinath:

  • Trekking: Trekking to various parts of the mountain place is the best way to experience the region. It involves the trek to mountain peaks or nearby villages of Mana, Sotopanth, etc. It allows for everyone to move at their pace and enjoy the view.
  • Holy dip: The visit to a pilgrim is incomplete if one does not repent for the wrongs. A holy dip in the Tapta Kund helps with the best experience of the Supreme power. It also allows for the most serene experience.
  • Village tourism: The last village of India situated next to the Tibetian border is one of the best places to go! It helps to explore the cultures and traditions. One can also visit the last tea shop in India and enjoy the taste.
  • Camping: The best experience for trekkers is the resting stop near the Vasundra falls. It involves having an exciting experience surrounded by mountains and sounds of freshwater. It also allows for the best camp under the roof of stars and beauty.

Regardless of the environmental changes and altitude difficulties, Badrinath is one of the must-visit places in life. Enjoying the various aspects of life, including longevity, beauty, and freshness, helps a person experience divinity and refresh every cell. Keeping in mind the best plans and a backpack that serves everything, one can have a never-to-miss experience for a lifetime!