Do you need to book in advance to visit Valley of Flowers National Park?

Valley of Flowers National Park is a replica of heaven where millions of flowers bloom in the summer and monsoon months. In the months of July-August, it looks like Mother Nature has worn a floral gown. The lush green meadows are breathtaking with a bed of wildflowers, and the cool mountain breeze will truly rejuvenate your senses.

Valley of Flowers is a UNESCO Heritage Site at the height of 18000 feet above sea level with 500+ species of pretty flowers. People head to this beautiful Himalayan Valley to escape the crowded city life and bring their body and soul happiness. 

Many of you must have questions regarding the bookings and entry fee. In this article, we will clear all your doubts regarding access to the heavenly Valley of Flowers National Park. 

When to make the Hotel/Tour Booking?

Valley of Flowers is one of the most visited summer and monsoon destinations in North India. So, you should book your hotel/tour in advance. Because there are chances that you may not get the room of your choice if not booked in advance. This Valley experiences a high tourist inflow in June-July after the snow melts because it is the time when flowers bloom. These summer months are the best time to visit and thus are the peak season. Do book in May if you wish to go in June-July-August. Or at least do it 10 days prior

How to reach Valley of Flowers?

Closest Airport is Dehradun (300 kms), and the closest Railway Station is Rishikesh ((275 kms). Private taxis are available to go uphill to Joshimath. It’s 12 hours of scenic journey. From Joshimath, take a 1-hour taxi drive to Govindghat. Adventurers start the 13 kms trek from here. But you can take a pony ride to Ghangaria. Nowadays, Helicopter Rides are also available for this 13 kms beautiful route. Ghangaria is the base camp of the Valley of Flowers, and trekking through the enchanting mountainous route is the only way to reach the Valley. 

Where to Stay?

You can stay in hotels in Ghangaria as you would need a place for the night after the trek. The best place to stay is in Swiss tents in the mountains 1 km before the entrance of the Valley of Flowers.

Entry Fee to Valley of Flowers

You have to take an entry pass for the valley trek. The ticket details are as follows-

For Indians- The 3-Day entry pass ticket is for 150 rupees. And for each extra day, 50 rupees are charged. 

For Foreigners- The 3-Day entry pass ticket is 600 rupees. And for each extra day, 250 rupees is charged. 

Flower Species to look for

There are thousands of lovely flowers adorning the lush green Valley in the summer and monsoon months of July-August-September. You will find exotic flowers like orchids, poppies, marigolds, daisies, anemones, etc. Small cascading streams and waterfalls will give you an eye-catching spectacle during your trek. 

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Hemkund Sahib– You can start early trekking in the morning from Ghangaria to this spectacular 7 kms trek to Hemkund Sahib. This place is the highest Gurudwara of Sikhs and is one of the celebrated shrines. The trek is steep in patches, but the view is mesmerizing on the top. 
  • Auli– After your trekking adventure, you can come down to the beautiful hill station of Auli, just 46 kms from Ghangaria base camp. Enjoy the Cable Car Ropeway that glides over the mountain tops and gives an awesome view of the green Valley.

Responsible Tourism

  1. Do not throw plastic waste in Valley.
  2. Do not take unmarked trails for safety reasons.
  3. Use sanitizer often.
  4. Buy local products to support local businesses.
  5. Do not harm the environment by lighting unattended fires.