Aconitum balfourii

Aconitum balfourii in Valley of Flowers

The generic name Aconitum means arrow. Ancient Greek hunters used to smear the juice of roots on arrows for hunting practices. The species name is named after John Hutton Balfour who served as a Professor of Botany at Edinburgh and Glassgow University.

Aconitum balfourii is a erect herb of height 1 m. Roots are tuberous. Flowers are blue in color. Upper most sepal is of helmet shape. Sepals and Petals both are 5 in number. There are many stamens with hairy filaments.

English Name

Indian Aconite

Local Name

Meeta Vish, Mintha


Ranunculaceae(The butter cup family)

Flowering time

July to September


Mountains slopes and Meadows


Tubers are used for Fever, sciatica and bowel complaints. in Tibet it is used as an analgesic. Also used as an Antiinflammatory, Antirheumatic and Vermifuge

Location in the Valley of flowers

This flower is not so common in valley of flowers. But it is so prominent in color that you can not miss it if it is there in valley of flowers. We have seen it many time near the big rock (Generally people take rest under this rock) at the official starting point of valley of flowers.

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