Aconitum violaceum

Aconitum violaceum in Valley of Flowers

The generic name Aconitum means arrow. Ancient Greek hunters used to smear the juice of roots on arrows for hunting practices. Violaceum the species name means one which is blue in color.

Aconitum violaceum is a 20 – 60 cm tall herb with paired tubers. Few leaves are on ground and few are on the top of the stem. Flowers are blue or violet in color variegated with white. Stamens are many and filaments are hairy in the upper part. It is found in the nearby areas of Hemkund Sahib. People drinking water from streams flowing near to this plant can feel the effect of the poison of this plant. They feel drowsiness and in general drinking this water is not fatal.

English Name

Violet Monkshood, Aconitum weileri

Local Name

Mitha telia, Dudhia-bis, Telia kachnag, Tilla


Ranunculaceae(The butter cup family)

Flowering time

July to September


Mountains slopes and Meadows


Whole Plant is used in Tibet for its antidote and anti-inflammatory properties. Locally it is used a narcotic and for the treatment of scorpion bites and fever.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find this flower in mid September at Hemkund Shahib Lake and on the way to Hemkund Shahib (last one kilometer).

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