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Allium wallichii

Allium wallichii in Valley of Flowers

Allium wallichii is a perennial herb with single, conical and short bulb. Leaves are linear – lanceolate, keeled, flattened, blunt at apex and narrowed at base. Flowers are purple and are form umbels.

English Name

Himalaya Onion, Jimbur

Local Name

Doona, Laddu and Gobka


Alliaceae (onion family)

Flowering time

July to August


Mountain slopes and nearby stream banks


In Nepal bulbs are used to treat altitude sickness, cough, cholera and dysentery. Cooked tender leaves can be used as vegetable. Flowers are used for garnishing salads.

Location in the Valley of flowers

This flowers is a bit rare flower to spot in Valley of Flowers. Last year we could spot only 2 flowers of Allium Wallichii. You can spot it in the middle part of Valley of Flowers. Middle part means after trekking 3-4 Km. from the entry gate of Valley of Flowers.

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