Anemone tetrasepala

Anemone tetrasepala in Valley of Flowers

Anemone tetrasepala is a perennial herb of height 60 cm with sparsely or hairless branches. The specific name tetrasepala means the presence of four sepals. Flowers are white in color and the stamens are numerous, style tip hooked. Basal leaves are mainly kidney shaped and the leaves just below the flowers are lobed, stalkless and much smaller than the basal leaves. Flowers occur in umbel of 6-15 flowers. Anemone does not have real petals, it has sepals which look like petals.

English Name

Four petal Anemone

Local Name




Flowering time

June to July


Found among rocks and open grassy slopes.



Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find it in abundance in Valley of flowers provided you visit in July, especially before last week of July. Generally it comes before the three other major flowers Geranium, Campanula Latifolia and Polemonium which paints the Valley of flowers in Blueish purple color. This flower give Valley of flowers its white patches over the green background.

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