Aster diplostephioides

Aster diplostephioides in Valley of Flowers

Aster diplostephioides is an erect herb of 10 to 40 cm. It is also called a creeping aster as it is a low growing aster and almost creeps. It has lance leaves which are lost in grassy growth of the surrounding. Ray florets are lilac and disc florets are first blackish and then orange in color. Ray florets are long and narrow and they bend backwards.

English Name

Creeping Aster

Local Name




Flowering time

June to September


Commonly in grasslands, alpine meadows or slopes.


In Tibet flowers are used to treat fever, influenza, arrest bleeding and poisoning.

Location in the Valley of flowers

Aster Diplostephioides or Creeping Aster is found in the far end of the valley of flowers near and inside Pushpawati River Bed. You can find it easily in the month of July and up to mid August.

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