Blue Poppy Queen of Himalayan Flowers

Blue Poppy in Valley of flowers and nearby areas

Blue Poppy is also called as Queen of Himalayan Flowers. Blue poppy is found in abundance near Hemkund Sahib from mid July to August end. You can spot it in the Valley of Flowers also but it is mainly found at Hemkund Sahib only.

Genus of Blue Poppy is MECONOPSIS Vig. World 40 species; India 20 species. The term is derived from Greek word Mecon meaning Poppy. Blue Poppy is also called MECONOPSIS ACULEATA, Aculeata means bearing a pickle, referring a prickly nature of the plant. Whole plant contains narcotic constituents; roots are considered to be poisonous. Its status is Endangered.

English Name

Blue Poppy, Often called as Queen of Himalayan Flowers.

Local Name

नीला पोस्ता


Poppy Family, world 26 genera; 250 species, India 3 genera; 25 species.

Flowering time

June to September.


Rock Crevices, Hill Slopes.


It contains Narcotic Constituents; roots are poisonous.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find this flower in abundance at Hemkund Sahib Lake and on the way to Hemkund Sahib (last one kilometer). Also you can find some flowers after walking just 200 meters from entry gate of Valley of Flowers. The picture above is taken at Hemkund Sahib Lake

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