Caltha palustris

Caltha palustris in Valley of Flowers

Caltha palustris is a tufted perennial herb of 10-60 cm height. Stems are hollow. Leaves are kidney shaped.Stem leaves are alternate, without stalks and clasping the stem. Flowers are bright yellow, rarely white and cup shaped.

English Name

Marsh Marigold, Cowflock, Cowslip, Kingcup

Local Name



Ranunculaceae (buttercup family)

Flowering time

June to August


Can be found in wet, damp and marshy areas of alpine meadows.


Leaves are used for the treatment of Gonorrhea in ethno medicine. Flowers are used in treating warts and anaemia.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You will find it on the banks of river, dump and marshy areas. Specially near waterfall in front of Valley of Flowers’ entry gate.

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