Colquhounia coccinea

Colquhounia coccinea in Valley of Flowers

Colquhounia coccinea is himalayan shrub of 1.5 – 3 m tall with rambling leaves. Flowers are red and tubular 2 – 5 cm long. Flowers are red in color and the tube is funnel shaped and orange coloured within.

Named in honor of Sir Robert Colquhoun, who was a lieutenant in British army in India and a plant collector and early patron of botanical gardens of Calcutta.

English Name

Himalayan Mint Shrub

Local Name




Flowering time

August to September


In thickets and grassy hillsides.



Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find Colquhounia Coccinea or Himalayan Mint Shrub very easily on your way from Govindghat to Ghangaria. If you are going by pony you will find that ponies love to eat the leaves of this plant.

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