Corydalis Cashmeriana

Corydalis Cashmeriana in Valley of Flowers

Corydalis Cashmeriana is a rhizomatous herb of 15-20 cm height. Basal leaves are 2-3 cm long. Stem leaves are 1-2, stalkless and almost opposite or alternate and placed at the middle of the stem. Flowers are 2 lipped and very attractive having blue color with dark blue at tips.

The genetic name Corydalis means a lark which refers to the spur in the flowers of the genus. The specific name Cashmeriana refers to Kashmir.

English Name

Blue Corydalis, Kashmir Corydalis

Local Name



Fumariaceae (Fumitory family)

Flowering time

May to August


Grassy slopes and moist places.



Location in the Valley of flowers

You will find this flower in abundance in first week of June in Valley of flowers. You will find it on the bank of frozen river just after entering the Valley of flowers gate. This picture is taken in first week of June in Valley of flowers.

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