Corydalis meifolia

Corydalis meifolia in Valley of Flowers

Corydalis meifolia is a sub erect perennial herb of 10-45 cm. It is deeply covered by old sheathing leaf bases. Flowers are yellow with purple or violet tips or rarely orange colored. Leaves are like blade with triangular shape.

The specific name Meifolia refers to minute segments of leaves. Corydalis, the genetic name refers to bearing horns or spurs.

English Name

Threadleaf Corydalis

Local Name



Fumariaceae (Fumitory family)

Flowering time

June to September


Commonly found in clumps in meadows and rock crevices


Whole plant is used for treating headache, stomach pain and liver disorders.

Location in the Valley of flowers

Commonly found at Hemkund Sahib

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