Cotoneaster microphyllus

Cotoneaster microphyllus in Valley of Flowers

Cotoneaster microphyllus is evergreen shrub with woody, spreading, rigid, often mat forming branches. Leaves are alternate up to 1*0.5 cm in size, obovate-elliptic, shining and glabrous above, dull and bristly hairy beneath. Flowers are white, small, measuring up to 8 mm across, single, one to three together, calyx bell shaped, densely hair, petals are five. Fruits are green turning green on maturity.

English Name

Small leaved Cotoneaster

Local Name

Bugarchilla, Wali



Flowering time

May to October


May to October


Whole plant is having an astringent property. Fruits are edible. Roots are used for treating scabies.

Location in the Valley of flowers


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Cotoneaster microphyllus
Cotoneaster microphyllus

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