Cuscuta reflexa

Cuscuta reflexa in Valley of Flowers

Cuscuta reflexa is a leafless, parasitic herbaceous climber with yellowish and greyish, purplish twinning stem. Flowers are ivory white or pale pink and can be found in cymose clusters. The specific name Reflexa refers to the re-flexed corolla lobes. The genetic name cuscuta refers to parasitic climbers.

English Name

dodder, sky creeper

Local Name

Akaas bel, Amarbel, Aakaash paavan, Amaravela


Cuscutaceae (Dodder Family)

Flowering time

Throughout the year


Climbing on shrubs and bushes.


Whole plant is used in the treatment of body aches, fracture, burn, eye diseases, headache, hair loss, itching, nervous disorder, skin diseases, rheumatism and stomach ache. In Ayurveda whole plant is used as an alternate source for Cassytha filiformis (Aamravalli, Aakashavalli) and used in alleviating anorexia and cardiac disease, hyper acidity and worm infections.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found near Ghangaria in dense forest.

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Cuscuta reflexa
Cuscuta reflexa
Cuscuta reflexa
Cuscuta reflexa

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