Cyananthus microphyllus

Cyanatus microphyllus in Valley of Flowers

Cyanatus microphyllus, the name itself tells a lot of things about the flower, cyananthus = blue flower; microphyllus = small-leaved. It is a low growing perennial plant grows up to 5-10 cm high. It has trailing woody and reddish stems with tiny bright green leaves. Leaves entire are dark green, narrow, elliptic-ovate and at base rounded. Flowers are solitary, blue-violet, funnel-shaped and with narrow-obovate pointed spreading petals and with tuft of white hairs within the flower-tube.

English Name

Small-leaved Trailing Bellflower

Local Name



Campanulaceae (bellflower family)

Flowering time

August to September





Location in the Valley of flowers

It is commonly found in the middle part of the valley of flowers.

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2 thoughts on “Cyananthus microphyllus”

  1. Cyanatus = Cyananthus
    and for some species the species name has a capital, which is never the case, as only the genus name is capitalized.
    But otherwise a very nice collection of pictures and descriptions. Hope you are still expanding it, as there are more species of interest.
    best regards


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