Erigeron multiradiatus

Erigeron multiradiatus in Valley of Flowers

Erigeron multiradiatusis a hirsute annual herb of height 20 to 40 cm. LEaves are sessile, obovate and acute at apex, toothed at the upper part. Flowers heads are dark purple. Ray florets are dark or pale purple and Disc florets are yellow.

The specific name is multiradiatus because of radiating florets.

English Name


Local Name



Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Flowering time

August to September


In grassy slopes, waysides of agricultural fields


Whole plant is used as a brain tonic and for the treatment of renal disorder and stomachache.

Location in the Valley of flowers

This is on the flowers which are available in September also when most of the other flowers are in their last phase or already matured. You can see Erigeron Multiradiatus very easily at various locations in valley of flowers. Starting from the entry gate to the Pushpawati River bed you can find this flower every where specially in the month of September (first half).

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