Fritillaria roylei

Fritillaria roylei in Valley of Flowers

Fritillaria roylei is bulbous herb with opposite and whorled leaves (3-6 per whorl). Flowers are greenish yellow with a hue of pale purple. Flowers are bell shaped, solitary and drooping.

The species roylei has been named in honour of John Forbes Royle, a british botanist.

English Name

Himalayan Fritillary

Local Name

Hindi – Kakoli, Tamil- Kakoli, Malayalam – Kakoli, Telugu – Kakoli, Kannada – Kakoli, Sanskrit – Kakoli, Ksirakakol, Ksirasukla, Payasya


Liliaceae (Lily family)

Flowering time

June to July


Alpine slopes and meadows.


In Ayurvedic medicine the tubers are used for longevity and treating asthma, fever, tuberculosis, burning sensation. The tubers of plant is accredited with anti rheumatic, hemostatic, galactogogue, opthalmic properties. In China bulbs are used in treating asthma, rheumatism and eye disease.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find Fritillaria Roylei easily in the main part of Valley of flowers after crossing a big rock near the official starting point of Valley of flowers.

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