Gagea lutea

Gagea lutea in Valley of Flowers

Gagea lutea is a perennial herb of 10-20 cm of height with unbranched stem. Leaves a like grass and too broad. Flowers are yellow and greenish on outer surface with blunt apex.

The genetic name Gagea is named after Sir Thomas Gage, a botanist in Ireland and Portugal. The specific name Lutea means yellow refers to Yellow Flowers.

English Name

Yellow star of Bethlehem

Local Name




Flowering time

May to June


Grassy Slopes alpine region.



Location in the Valley of flowers

These pictures were clicked on the way to Hemkund Sahib in last week of May, 2012. In fact you can find it there only till June last.

Following are some of the pictures of the Gagea lutea,hope you will like them all. If yes do not forget to comment or share with your friends.

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