Gentiana phyllocalyx

Gentiana phyllocalyx in Valley of Flowers

Gentiana phyllocalyx is a perennial herb of 3 to 12 cm tall. Roots are very few and slender. Stolons are of 5 cm height. Stems are straight, hairless and very simple. Sepals are pointed, widely separated and oblong. Flowers are of blue color with dark blue stripes. Shape of the flowers is tubular and tubular bell shaped. Leaves are generally crowded at the base of stem and stem leaves are 3-5 pairs.

English Name


Local Name




Flowering time

June to August


Mountain slopes and at the shrubberies.



Location in the Valley of flowers

You can will not find it in valley of flowers. But you can find it at Hemkund Sahib lake. On the other side of the lake you can find small colonies of this flower. This picture was taken in second week of September.

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