Halenia elliptica

Halenia elliptica in Valley of Flowers

Halenia elliptica is an annual herb of 10 – 90 cm tall with sub-quadrangular stems. Leaves are opposite, sessile and elliptic ovate. Flowers are pale blue, in axillary or in terminal, branched clusters. Spurs are attractive projecting back and outwards. Stamens are 4. The specific name Elliptica refers to elliptic shape of the leaves.

English Name

Spurred Gentian

Local Name




Flowering time

July to October


Open places and moist places.


Locally seeds are used to alleviate fever. In Tibet entire plant is used for treating fever, inflammations and stomach disorder.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found near the entry gate of the valley, just after entering the gate you will find this flower.

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