Impatiens sulcata

Impatiens sulcata in Valley of Flowers

Impatiens sulcata is a robust herb of height 3 meters. Its stem are grooved and fistular. Lower leaves are alternate and upper ones are opposite or whorled. Flowers are pink, purple or dark crimson. Its specific name sulcata means grooved refers to grooved stem.

English Name

Dog flower

Local Name

Chaul, Kwal


Balsaminaceae(Balsam family)

Flowering time

June to September


Moist areas near streams, grassy slopes. This species paints Valley in Pink Color.


Seeds are edible. Paste of whole plant is used to treat various skin diseases.

Location in the Valley of flowers

This flower is found in abundance in Valley of flowers. It is found in so much quantity that it paints the Valley of flowers in pink shade during the later half of July and first half of August. You can see this flower right from the entry gate till Pushpawati river bed. But you can see the biggest colony of the flower just before reaching at official starting point of Valley of flowers. The official starting point is three kilomneters from the entry gate.

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