Iris kaemaonensis

Iris kaemaonensis in Valley of Flowers

Iris kaemaonensis is a perennial herb often clump forming with short slender roots and creeping rhizomes. Leaves are sickle shaped and greenish yellow. Flowers are large showy, solitary and deep lilac to purple with dark spots and blotches.

The genetic name Iris refers to Greek goddess of rainbow, in allusion to hues of the flowers of this genus. The specific name kaemaonensis refers to a plant from Kumaon hills.

CAUTION:Rootstocks and rhizomes contain poisonous chemicals like Irisin and Iridin.

English Name


Local Name

Kumaon Iris, Kombirei (Manipuri)


Iridaceae (iris family)

Flowering time

June to August


Alpine slope and wayside grassy slope.



Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find it just hundred meters from the entry gate (Frozen river) of Valley of flowers in June month. This picture was clicked in June first week, 2012.

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