Oxyria digyna

Oxyria digyna in Valley of Flowers

Oxyria digyna is a perennial herb with 15-80 cm height. Leaves are basal, kidney shaped with broad heart shaped base and oblique apex. Flowers are green tinged with pink, small and in terminals panicles. Fruit is broadly winged.

English Name

Mountain sorrel

Local Name

Chyakulti, kailashi



Flowering time

June to August


Way sides and cultivated lands.


Whole plant is used as an appetizer and laxative. The leaves are rich in Vitamin C. In Nepal cooked leaves stems and roots are eaten in case of dysentery.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found in the middle and deeper parts of the valley. It is also found on the bank of Hemkund Sahib Lake. It is mainly found near water sources.

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