Phlomis bracteosa

Phlomis bracteosa in Valley of Flowers

Phlomis bracteosa is a perennial herb of 20 – 90 cm tall with unbranched stem. Leaves are ovate and acute at apex. Flowers are usually purple and can be pink also with a tinge of purple. Flowers are arranged in whorls.

The genetic name is derived is derived from a word Phlogmos which means a flame. The pappus or the hairs on the seeds are used for wicks. The specific name bracteosa means bract bearing.

English Name


Local Name




Flowering time

July to September


In open mountain slopes and alpine meadows.


Nectar of flowers used in treating eye infections.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find this flower in main part of Valley of flowers (In open slopes). After entering the main part you can spot this flower easily among many others. Although this flower can be seen up to September but to spot it easily the best time is mid July to Mid August.

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