Phytolacca acinosa

Phytolacca acinosa in Valley of Flowers

Phytolacca acinosa is a succulent, hairless shrublet of height 70 cm to 1.5cm. Flowers are small and white tinged with green, crowded with in a leaf opposed, cylindrical. Fruits are purple when get ripen.

English Name

Himalayan Pokeberry, Indian Poke weed

Local Name

Jagra, Jagrya



Flowering time

June to September


Shruberries, waste places and waysides.


Locally the plant is used to get relief from body pain. Leaves and twigs are used as vegetable. Pharmacologically the plant is accredited with antiasthmatic, antifungal, expectorant, antibacterial and laxative properties.

Location in the Valley of flowers

A big plant is near forest guest house at Ghangria. It can be found in the middle parts of the valley of flowers as well.

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