Podophyllum hexandrum

Podophyllum hexandrum in Valley of Flowers

Podophyllum hexandrum is an erect herb of 30cm height. Rhizome is creepy and leafy at top. Leaves are two and placed above the middle of the stem. Flowers are white or pale pink, solitary or cup shaped. Sepals are 3, early falling, petals are 6, stamens are 6. Fruit is obovoid and attractive red in color when get ripen.

English Name

Himalayan may apple

Local Name

Ban kakri, Ghee charpu and Papra.



Flowering time

May to June


In shady places and undergrowth of forests.


Rhizome is used for treating constipation, wounds, cuts, diarrhea, fever, gastric ulcer, hepatic disease, skin disease. Fruit are used to treat cough. the plant contains podophyllin which interferes with cell division and can prevent the growth of cells.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found near the Kanjila helipad and near the entry gate of the Valley of Flowers.

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