Polygonatum verticillatum

Polygonatum verticillatum in Valley of Flowers

Polygonatum verticillatum is a robust herb with many creeping root stocks. Height of this plant is 0.5 to 1.5 m high. Stems are angled. Leaves are sessile. Flowers are white tinged with green and purple or pale yellow. Berries are green turning in to purple through red color when completely ripen.

English Name

Whorled Solomon’s seal

Local Name

Kantula, Meda



Flowering time

June to September


Undergrowth of forests and shrubberies.


Roots and leaves are edible. Roots are used to treat gastric problems, cuts, wounds. In Ayurveda roots are used for the treatment of burning sensation, general weakness, fever, anorexia and aphrodisiac

Location in the Valley of flowers

Can be found in the middle part of the Valley of Flowers.

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