Polygonum polystachyum

Polygonum polystachyum in Valley of Flowers

Polygonum polystachyum a perennial gregarious under shrub with 1-2 m height. It has branched and reddish brown stem. Leaves are 6 to 18, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate at apex and narrowed at base. Flowers are fragrant, white often tinged with pink. Flowers are arranged in much branched, terminal, spreading panicles. Stamens are 8 and deeply divided. The specific name Polystachyum refers to many stems.

English Name

Himalayan Knotweed

Local Name

Ama-Haldu, Durfi



Flowering time

July to September


Very common in shruberries, mountain slopes and meadows.


Leaves are used as vegetable and young twigs are used in pickles.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is very common in the area, you will find it everywhere. In fact government is spending lot of money to remove this plant. It is a weed.

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