Primula denticulata

Primula denticulata Flower found in the Valley of flowers

Primula term is derived from a latin word called primus which means first referring that these flowers first to open in spring. The leaves are denticulately toothed at margins hence Denticulata is added in the name.

Primula Denticulata are annual herbs of height 10 to 30 cm high. The stem is sturdy and leaves are of oval shape. Flowers are of 18mm in width, color varies from pale to deep purple with a yellow eye.

English Name

Primrose, Drumstick Primula

Local Name




Flowering time

May to late June


Mountain Slopes, Shady places in alipine zones and shrubberies


Roots are used to kill lice and Flowers are used in curing diabetes and urinary diseases.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You will find it in early June near Valley of Flowers entry gate. Just after walking 150 meters inside you will find a frozen river. On its bank you can easily spot colonies of Primula Denticulata.

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