Primula macrophylla

Primula macrophylla in Valley of Flowers

Primula macrophylla is a stout perennial herb. Leaves are elliptic lanceolate or oblanceolate, denticulate along the margins. Flowers are purple, lilac or violet. Flowers are found in dense umbels. The specific name macrophylla means large leaved.

English Name

Large leaved primrose

Local Name




Flowering time

May to Early July


Damp areas, mountain slopes and alpine meadows.


In Tibet whole plant is used for treating diarrhea, fever and inflammation of liver too.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is a very rare flower. Can be found at entry gate, inside the dense forest from late may to mid June. It can also be found at Hemkund Sahib from mid June to mid July.

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