Prunus cornuta

Prunus cornuta in Valley of Flowers

Prunus cornuta or Himalayan Bird Cherry is a deciduous medium sized tree having grey brown to brown bark. Leaves are oblong to lanceolate. Small white flowers are found in long drooping clusters. Fruits are round cherries initially red, ripen to dark-purple and black. The fruit gets infected by an insect sometimes and becomes long and horn-like from which comes its specific name cornuta refers to horn like. The fruit is edible and leaves are used for fodder.

English Name

Himalayan Bird Cherry, Padus cornuta, Cerasus cornuta

Local Name



Rosaceae (Rose family)

Flowering time

April to June





Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found near to the entry gate of the valley, just before entering you can see this flower if you are visiting before early June.

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