Rheum webbianum

Rheum webbianum in Valley of Flowers

Rheum webbianum is an erect robust herb with stout stem of height varying from 50 cm to 2 m. Roots are stock thick and woody. Leaves are circular in outline and reniform cordate at base. Flowers are yellowish white and in terminal and axillary. The specific name is named after Philip Barker Webb as he was the first person to collect plants in Tetuan Mountains of Morocco.

English Name


Local Name

Lachoo, Pambhak



Flowering time

June to July


Very common in Shruberries, meadows and mountain slopes.


Roots are used in the treatment of abdominal disorders, constipation and wounds. Leaves are used as appetizer and in making chutney.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found in the middle and deeper parts of the valley. A very common flower.

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Rheum webbianum
Rheum webbianum

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