Rosa macrophylla

Rosa Macrophylla in Valley of Flowers

Rosa is a Latin name and it means rose genus or the colour. Rosa Macrophylla is a large and very graceful shrub of elegant growth and foliage of height 3 m. Well poised and clear pink flowers.All the Flowers are held singly or can be in small clusters. They are followed by bristly, long, red-colored flagon-shaped hanging fruits. Dark red-brown stems and few thorns. One of the most magnificent species of roses with exhuberant growth that also forms a thick canopy of shade.

English Name

Wild Rose

Local Name

Ban Gulab, Dand Kunja


Rosaceae (rose family)

Flowering time

June to August


Margins of forest and in open occasionally


Flowers being used for skin diseases and fruit pulp is edible.

Location in the Valley of flowers

You can find it easily just after entering the Valley of Flowers gate. In fact after checking in to Valley of Flowers this would be among the first to be seen. Many flowers can be seen if you visit till August mid. You can again see some of them near to Pushpawati river bed after crossing Bhojpatra Jungle. In September you can see beautiful buds of the flowers (After all the petals fell ).

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