Senecio laetus (Cheerful Sececio)

Senecio laetus in Valley of Flowers

Senecio laetus is also called Cheerful Sececio. Cheerful Sececio is a perennial herb of height 2 m. Cheerful Sececio is a tall perennial herb reaching 2 m in height. The plant is hairy above, hairless below, grooved and branched. Leaves are alternately arranged are 15-25 cm long. Heads of the flowers are yellow.

English Name


Local Name

Cheerful Sececio



Flowering time

June to September


Grasslands in open and margins of fields.


You can find Senecio Laetus in almost all parts of Valley of Flowers. This flower is visible mainly the month of mid July to mid August.

Location in the Valley of flowers

Whole plant is used for the treatment of body swelling, debility and sore throat.

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