Sorbaria tomentosa

Sorbaria tomentosa in Valley of Flowers

Sorbaria tomentosa is a very graceful looking deciduous shrub of 4 to 5 m tall. Flowers are white and small. The specific name Sorbus refers to Sorbus tree which is known in common English language as service tree or service berry.

Caution : Leaves and flowers are poisonous as they contain Hydrogen Cyanide.

English Name

Kashmir false Spiraea

Local Name

Bakre Jar, Bhiloka, Kathi, Kyans


Rosaceae (Rose Family)

Flowering time

June to September


Along river sides and in open too.


Fruits are used in the treatment of Asthma and lung infections.

Location in the Valley of flowers

It is found in last 4-5 km of trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria.

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Sorbaria tomentosa
Sorbaria tomentosa

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