Spiraea canescens

Spiraea canescens in Valley of Flowers

Spiraea canescens is a deciduos shrub of 2 to 4 m height. Branches are arching, angled and brown-grey in color. Leaves are very small and elliptic having 3-5 teeth. Flowers are white in color and found in clusters. The specific name canescens means covered with white or grey hairs. Petals are five in number and emarginated at apex.

English Name

Grey Stem Spiraea

Local Name

Jhair-Mairala, Kathmantiyal


Spiraea Linnaeus

Flowering time

May to October


At shruberries, margins of forests and near bank of rivers and streams.



Location in the Valley of flowers

This flower is found at an altitude of 1500-2300 meters. So you can find this flower on your trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria. You will not find this flower in Valley of flowers.

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Spiraea canescens (3)
Spiraea canescens
Spiraea canescens
Spiraea canescens

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