Stellaria semivestita

Stellaria semivestita in Valley of Flowers

Stellaria semivestita in Valley of Flowers a herb with much branched stems up to 15 – 50 cm. Branches are ascending, dense and crowded. They sparingly covered with woolly hairs. Leaves are linear-lanceolate and acute at apex. Flowers are solitary and white. Sepals are 5 and green in color, margins are white. The specific name semivestita refers to half clothed or dressed.

English Name


Local Name



Caryophyllaceae (Pink or carnation Family)

Flowering time

May to September


In grassy slopes.


Anticancer activity against human epidermoid carcinoma has been reported from this plant.

Location in the Valley of flowers

Not so common flower and too small to locate but can be found near the entry gate of the valley of flowers.

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Stellaria semivestita
Stellaria semivestita

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