Sightseeing and having the best vacation is one of the most enjoyable activities that one can have with a family. It helps to get the mind away from the routine life and also promotes mindfulness. Hill stations are an ultimate bliss and come with a package of beauty, nature, and activities. Having the best structural benefit and snow-capped mountains, Joshimath is one of the best places to visit when it comes to hill stations. It covers many activities like trekking, mountain climbing, camping, and much more. It brings a punch of goodwill and the best experience. Before visiting a place, it is vital to know about it so that it helps one to enjoy it to the utmost!

The beauty of Joshimath

Joshimath, also known as Jyotirmath, is a holy shrine placed in Uttarakhand. Joshimath is the best winter destination for anyone who would want to have the best experience. It is one of the best tourist destinations and is the seat where Lord Badri places himself in winter. It has spiritual importance and comes from a place that has beautiful mountain ranges. It has the perfect magnetization for everyone willing to have the best time with the family. It has several destinations like temples, rivers, mountains, and activities like trekking, camping, skiing, etc. one will have a fun time. Being one of the holiest places with Kalpavriksha, the trip to Joshimath for everyone will always be a memorial. 

Why visit Joshimath?

The place of Joshimath has its importance for everyone visiting the location. With everyone having their reasons for the travel, the following are the reasons why one must visit Joshimath:

  • Adventure: Fun and excitement come along when one visits Joshimath. The activities of mountain climbing, trekking, skiing, etc., add to the benefit and cater to the best moments.
  • Scenic location: Joshimath is the epitome of beautiful mountains, lush green forests, and much more. In every season, one can see every single subtle color that soothes the mind and heart.
  • Picture memory: Joshimath is a must-visit place for all the photographers around the world. It allows for capturing the best memories and further helps to look back on the best.
  • Historical destination: Joshimath is a region encapsulated by several historic locations. All of these places have their mythological importance and help to add to the essence of divinity. 

How to reach Joshimath

Cost Rs. 6000
Time required 1 day
Traveling can come in a variety of ways. One can use different transports to have the best experience with going to a place. The following are the ways to reach Joshimath:
Mode of transportation.

By Road

Reach Joshimath by Road
With smooth and well-developed roads, Joshimath has its connection to cities all across. It caters to busses, taxis, and other means of transport that take tourists to the location. With affordable services and never-to-miss window beauty, one will always enjoy a road ride to Joshimath.

By Train

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Railways to Joshimath are the best connection from major cities all over India. The nearest station to Joshimath is the Rishikesh Railway station. Further, Rishikesh connects to Joshimath via National Highway 58. With smooth roads and motorable rides, one can easily reach Joshimath.
Book your ticket to Rishikesh or Haridwar and take a taxi to Joshimath.

By Air

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Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport to Joshimath. Being well connected to Delhi and other cities, one can have the quickest travel. Further from Dehradun, one can opt for road transports to smoothly connect to Joshimath.

Best time to visit Joshimath.

Joshimath is the location that witnesses pleasant summers and moderates to extreme winters. The best recommended time for travel is during the summers. It is the best time to observe the beauty of nature. It also the best experience for trekking, camping, and other activities. The temperature during the summers can go up to 26 degrees Celcius which is a pleasant time for everyone. When it comes to monsoon months, the temperature can fall to 15 degrees. Hence, it gives a tinch of cold into the climate. During the winter months, the temperature scale can cross zero degrees. It is advisory to carry extra clothing during winter and monsoon as it can mean using extras due to weather. Apart from it, the best time is summers as winters and monsoon bring with itself roadblocks.

Best tourist destination Joshimath

Joshimath is not the sole destination of the visitors. Preferably, it brings with itself several places to see and enjoy throughout the visit in the area of Joshimath:

  • Ropeway: Being one of the longest rope-ways in Asia, it is the connection between the town of Auli to Joshimath. Coming at reasonable prices, it is the top-most attraction for the visitors.
  • Trek base: Having a well-knit connection to places around, Joshimath is the best base point connecting to several places like Valley of Flowers, Kuari pass, Glaciers, etc. 
  • Kalpavriksha: It is known as the tree as the symbol epitome of knowledge. The holy tree is approximately 1500 years old. It is a simple yet elegant tree that is a must-see. 
  • Temples: Being a place full of spiritual importance, Joshimath is a must-visit for temple architecture. It allows a person to visit several shrines that connects one to the divine.

5 best activities that can be done in Joshimath

The essence of a trip to Joshimath does not just come with the location but also the exciting activities. The following are the never to miss ventures in Joshimath:

Spiritual visit

Having the best temple visits is essential to have the best essence of Joshimath. It allows for an experience that gives the root of the culture and heritage. Joshimath has in itself importance and also promotes goodwill and better life. It makes a person walk through and blend in the home of Lord Badrinath.


Trekking through the mountain roads and mountain climbing is one of the best experiences to have in Joshimath. It allows for visiting several places in and around Joshimath to have a deep interaction with every sight. It also caters to warming up oneself in the cod environment and feels the best. It helps to have the essence of a visit to Joshimath.

Cable cars

Cable cars are the never-to-miss activity and take a person on a visit to the entire region. It gives the person a panoramic view of the magical mountains and the alpine vegetation around the place. With the best experience, one can have the scene to capture for a lifetime! It also allows for photography from the best parts.


Every trekker needs rest at some point in time. Joshimath is the best place to take a rest and enjoy the best view under the night sky. It calls for a region full of plains and a serene environment. The environment in Joshimath allows for the best trip of the lifetime. It promotes the person to carry back the best memories.


The snow-capped mountain is the best for having the best experience of snow activities. With the best track for both the beginner and expert skiers, it allows for an enjoyable activity for people of every age. It also refers to experts who teach skiing if one does not know it. It also helps to have an add-on activity that one knows.

A region of beauty and the epitome of spirituality is the best way to go to a place and enjoy the holidays. It allows for the best experience and also caters to a gateway to heaven. Being connected to various areas and having a network everywhere, one can have the best experience. With a mesmerizing view and an awe-struck environment, one can have an experience worth remembering. It also involves having the best memories to take back and flaunt in front of all the friends and relatives. With no distinction in the age of the visitors, the place is open for everyone. So, when considering a place to visit during the holidays, never miss out on Joshimath as the first ideal vacation spot!