Mana Village

Traveling to different places brings with it a rainbow of culture, traditions, and emotions. It also brings along a beauty of its region and a place to feel proud. With different lands falling on the border of India, it is a spot for tourist attraction. The attractions like the Mana village carry with itself importance that is never to forget! It does not come with beauty but also infuses the peace and serenity of the surroundings. Coming with the impact of leaving a memory forever, it is the best holiday destination for anyone who loves nature!

Mana Village last Indian Village

The last village of India!

Located in the Ind-Tibet border near the Chamoli district, it is one of the rare destinations. It is still amongst the places that people are discovering. It is one of the best places to look into and explore if one is into exotic locations. It has a mixing culture, and near the border, and one can see the last tea shop and several other must-visit areas. It finds its place at a high altitude and with River Saraswati flowing next to it. It is the primary sight of the magnificent Himalayas and endless greenery. It is a common sight to a visitor to see women’s knitting sweaters and sustainable farming in every backyard. It is the Tourism Village of Uttarakhand that every person would love to visit for a close and deep walk with nature!

Why travel to Mana village?

Every traveler comes with their reason to travel in a place. The following are the reasons why visiting Mana village is exciting:

  • The pleasant beauty around the village, including the river flowing near it to the mountains surrounding the place, is mesmerizing. It adds to the serenity!
  • With a road less taken and space to breathe and look around, it brings around the best peace experience. It is indeed a must-visit for everyone wanting a break from routine.
  • The life of simplicity is the best to experience in this remote region of Uttarakhand. It allows for smoother access to the nearby places that are the epitome of religious sights!
  • The adventure of trekking and the best motorcycle ride is never to miss. If one gets the permit to visit the mana pass, it is the best perks of visiting the last Indian village!

How to reach Mana

Transportation options have increased over a while. It paves the way for the traveler to the location they are yearning to visit. The following are the visiting ways:

By road

Road journey from a variety of places is smooth and easy. It involves traveling through the beauty of nature and watching the magnificent nature carvings. Comprising of a trip with bus, taxi, or a privately hired or owned vehicle is the best way to reach Mana village via the road route.

By train

The closest railway station near Mana village is Rishikesh or Haridwar. Anyone wanting to have a journey toward the serene place involves reaching the nearest spot. One can connect to Mana using road transport. There is no direct connection to Mana from Rishikesh via bus. Hence a cab goes the best!

By air

Air travel is one of the most common preferences of people. It involves a smoother and smart journey. With Dehradun comprising the nearest airport to Mana village, one has to go for road transport connecting Dehradun to Mana. Bus services are cheaper, but taxis also come at affordable rates.

Best time to visit Mana

There is no best place to visit Mana that is at the epitome of beauty. Mana, having different colors at different times, has its divinity at every point in time in a year. The following are the beautiful colors of Mana village:

Mana in Summers

The temperatures in the summer go not more than 18 degrees. Hence the climate is pleasant to visit. With changing temperatures during the day and night, one will enjoy every aspect of moving around and exploring new places!

Mana in Monsoon: July and August.

The season of rains brings with it moderate to low temperature, depending upon the shower rates. The Mana village is still enjoyable until it experiences landslides or roadblocks. One must always look into the weather forecast before planning a monsoon trip!

Mana in winters

The harsh climate and heavy snowfalls make the place a big no for winter visits. The snow often buries the roads, which makes the movements difficult. It is not advisable to visit the village during winters as all that one will enjoy is the real snow!

Places to see near Mana

With many tourist attractions, there are certain places that a person should visit in Mana village. They are the following:

Badrinath Temple

One of the best-known Hindu pilgrim scenes, Badrinath is the best Dham where people come from all over the world. With a subtle atmosphere that magnetizes and purifies the mind, it can be the gateway to serene beauty.

Bhim Pul

It is a bridge over the River Saraswati having mythological importance. It is said to be lifted by Bheema as a bridge so that Draupadi crosses the river smoothly.

Ganesha Cave Mana

It is an epitome of lush green surroundings and relevance to the great Mahabharata. Lord Ganesha is said to have dictated the Mahabharata to Ved Vyas here!

Vyas cave Mana

As famous as the Ganesha cave and situated near it, it is said to be the place where Rishi Ved Vyas lived. It is a small shrine dedicated to him.

Mata Murti Temple

It is a temple dedicated to the mother of Lord Narayan. She yearned the Lord to be born as her son, who took birth as Nar and Narayan. Holding an annual fair in August, it is a tourist attraction!

Neelkanth Peak

Known as the epitome of mountain beauty and surrounded by elegant nature, it shows a glimpse of the hoy Badrinath! It is also called the Queen of Garhwal!

Vasudhara Falls near Mana

With a panoramic view, this place is the best to visit for all water lovers. It holds mythological importance as Pandavas are said to have rested here during their exile.

Tapt Kund Badrinath

It is the most beautiful hot springs that one can find in Uttarakhand. It is said to be the abode of Lord Agni. The water in the Kund has medicinal value and powers to cure skin diseases. 

Tapt Kund and Badrinath Temple

Mana Pass

Mana pass is another attraction that every trekker and motorcycle lover would love to visit! With restricted access to the pass, one can have a beautiful view if permitted!

Things to do in Mana

Enjoying the quiet yet noble view of the Last village of India is indeed the best. The several never to miss things in Mana village are the following:

  • Trekking is one of the most common and ideal activities for the village. It has different levels of treks, including short to long adventures and simple to difficult ones. One can pick the best destination and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!
  • Visiting the must-visit religious shrines and the caves that speak about the history and the culture adds to the beauty. It also helps to take away memory bags that one can open and enjoy. It also helps to increase knowledge. 
  • Sipping tea regardless of the love for it at India’s last tea shop is never to miss. It allows to indulge in the taste and mood of the region and helps to enjoy the culture. It also infuses a punch of energy in the cold environment!
  • The Mana village is the peak of beauty and hence taking pictures is a must-do thing! It does not just capture the stunning beauty of nature but also allows for capturing the beautiful star and sky patterns at night!

Located in a place within the spectacular view of the Himalayas and beauty that touches the heart, Mana village soothes the mind! It comes under the influence of the cold climate and the trials during the trek, and the entire journey together creates a vast impact on the hearts and minds forever. Its tour consists of various packages customized for a person. The village is the ultimate source of joy and comfort for the people around!