Number of Days required in seeing Valley of Flowers

While going for Valley of Flowers trip one may also cover Hemkund Sahib and Badrinath. Generally most of the people doing Valley of Flowers trip have only one day for the valley. The total trip of Valley of Flowers takes a minimum of 6 days from Haridwar and for the people coming from far areas of the globe the trip becomes 8-12 days. It is an irony that people spent so much time in reaching Valley of Flowers and still spend only one day in it. By no means can one see its real beauty in a day especially when you come in July and August Month. This is the time when you will find maximum number of flowers in the valley. By maximum I mean total quantity of flowers in quantity and in variety.

Valley of flowers, Pushpawati river. Deep inside the valley, its 7 kilometers from Ghangaria.
Valley of flowers, Pushpawati river. Deep inside the valley, its 7 kilometers from Ghangaria.

What happens when you enter Valley of flowers for the first time?

As soon as one enters Valley of Flowers entry gate he is welcomed by colonies of flowers and dense forest. Since most of us have never been to such a majestic place we tend to spend lot of time in clicking pictures and we move slowly. By the time we realize that we are slow we would have already been late by 3-4 hours. As one need to come back to Ghangaria by evening and get out of Valley of Flowers entry gate by 5.00 p.m. he has limited time to cover the valley.

Group members of 9th July, 2012 group, clicking the photographs of flowers. This is how we tend to be late and could not finish seeing Valley of flowers in a Day.
Group members of 9th July, 2012 group, clicking the photographs of flowers. This is how we tend to be late and could not finish seeing Valley of flowers in a Day.

I recommend having an extra day for Valley of Flowers so that you can finish first 4-5 kilometers on first day. You may click macro photographs of flowers, bees and landscape pictures. Actually clicking of these macro photographs makes you late. On next day you can enter the valley at 7.00 a.m. and move fast without clicking many photographs and try to penetrate as deep as possible. The thumb rule is start back by 2.00 p.m.

Group members clicking the photographs of flowers.
Group members clicking the photographs of flowers.

We also organize trekking tours to Valley of Flowers. I personally accompany all my groups on the trip at least during the trekking part of it. This year we have three fix departures during 21st July to 10th August. Out of these three departures two have an extra day for Valley of Flowers. To know the fixed departures of 2013 kindly visit our fixed departures page.

Group which started on 29th July, 2012 : on the way to valley of Flowers. This day we went up to 11 kilometers inside the valley of flowers.
Group which started on 29th July, 2012 : on the way to valley of Flowers. This day we went up to 11 kilometers inside the valley of flowers.

Last year one of my groups started on 29th July and was an extended one. We went 11 kilometer deep inside the valley of flowers. We did see many beautiful waterfalls, flowers and untouched natural beauty. You may check this post.
You must see our Deeper Parts Gallery to see what you will miss if you do not go in to the Deeper parts of the valley.

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  1. Thanks for the great piece of information.

    Just to clarify___
    Q] Is there any place between Ghangria and Valley of Flower gate, where we can hault at night for a 2nd visit?
    Q] Can we take our own camping equipments to stay at night inside the VOF ?

    • You are most welcome dear Abhimanyu,
      1. Valley of flowers entry gate is just 500 meters from Ghangaria. There is no place where you can halt at night between valley of flowers and Ghangaria, but on second day you can be fast to reach into deeper parts of valley of flowers as you have already finished macro photography and nearby areas on first day.
      2. Camping and overnight stay at valley of flowers is not allowed to preserve it. Valley of flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage site. One need to get out of entry gate by 5.00 pm.

      If you have any further question kindly call me at +91 9991142759. This year we have two fixed departures to Valley of flowers in which we will be going to valley of flowers for two days. Kindly visit our Valley of Flowers Tours Packages for more details and download detailed itinerary.

    • The best time would be July and August. The trek cost will be provide to you along with all other details once you fill form on this page. you will be mailed instantly.

  2. Hi Devkant,

    Thanks for such beautiful narrations of this heavenly place along with the most needed advices. Keep up the good work…

    I’ve one question in mind…If we are going deep inside the valley of flowers without any support let’s say 9-10 Kms…then is there any threat to be lost there?

    • Hello Divakar Jain,

      Thanks for the appreciation, Valley of flowers is like my wife. I love this place and many times I get dreams about valley of flowers and I am eagerly waiting for the season to start. The answer to your question is that you will not get lost into deeper parts of the valley but there are spots where you will feel that it is the end point and you may not go further. It is a gradual assent and not at all a tough trek. (Except for the first three kilometers which are bit steep) I will recommend you to go in a group only and not alone. All the best. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the quick reply…I am planning to go there with a group of 2-3 friends in the first week of August…Please tell me that hotels will be available in Ghangaria easily without any prebooking or we need to book in advance…

    • Since that will be peak season for valley of flowers. But fortunately not peak season for Hemkund Sahib you may get a room even without booking in advance. But Most of the good hotels are pack during that time. I would recommend you to book in advance. That may cost you few bucks extra but will be comfortable. I also have a fixed de3parture starting on 4th August, 2013 from Haridwar, you may join that group. For detailed itinerary and cost etc kindly fill in your details on contact us form on side bars of all the pages of this website. Or if you have still any question left you are most welcome to ask here.

      • We group of 4/5 friends are planning to visit valley of flowers in July/ August, please provide details about route, tracking details, time ( days ) required etc.

      • Kindly fill in your details on any of the contact us form on each page of website and you will get a mail answering all your questions. I have sent you itinerary of 28th July, 2013 departure. You may call me at +91 9991142759 any time for any queries.

  4. Some of the basic questions: Who guides the path? you have said elsewhere
    to start for return journey at 2 pm. as no one can stay there. How it is observed? are there any chances of mistaken routes? Can a single person join the trek?

    • I will personally accompany you at the trek. To reach back by 5 pm you should start your backward trek by 2 pm. forest officials maintains records of every on going into valley of flowers. And heavy penalty may be imposed in you do not come out of the Valley of Flowers. Moreover if someone does not come out in time the forest officials will go to valley of flowers to search him and take him out. Generally there are no chance of mistaken routes, but most of the people see only a little part of valley of flowers. Yes, you are most welcome to join my group even id you are single. I tried calling you 2-3 times on your cell but you may be busy and did not pcik up my phone. I called from +91 9991142759.

  5. want to go to valley of flowers this year, but worried about my fitness. How much distance one has to cover each day? is the path continuously ascending? are there any chances of high altitude sickness? is it necessary to stay at some place for acclimatization for 1-2 days prior to actual treck?we had been to leh-ladakh 3 yrs back when we had this problem. I am 47 yrs old, but not very much used to walking exercise everyday. can you suggest me some exercise to be done daily to overcome this fear?

  6. Hi ! I am interested in visiting this wonderful place in the 1st week of August, 2013 Is it possible to join your group only for 2 days of trek in the valley of flowers and not the rest of the trip. please let me know.

  7. If you want to go to valley of flowers for two days you need a minimum of 6 days for the trip ex Haridwar/Rishikesh. Actually we need to go to Ghangaria for valley of flowers trek. Two days are utilized for road journey. (One going uphill and one coming back) Another two days are required for trekking between Govindghat and Ghangaria.(to and fro). But if you are sparing 6 days for the trip I will recommend you to spare one extra day for Hemkund sahib also. There are many flowers which are available only at Hemkund sahib and not in Valley of flowers. This is kind of a once in lifetime trip. Also when you go to Badrinath you are not extending your trip by any day. Actually you are using the evening of penultimate day. Also do make your schedule very tight as in rare circumstances you may have to stay for extra day due to land slides. Come to valley of flowers when you have enough time.

  8. Is it possible to visit Valley of flowers in august?? Since the roads are broken and washed out in floods.

  9. Very informative blog Mr Devkant..How lucky you visit VOF evey year..
    Kindly enlighten me about this year’s visit…
    Is it possible to trek during Aug..this year inspite of such road damages?

    • Hello Sowmya,
      Thanks for the compliment. This is very sad to inform you that the trek to valley of flowers may not be possible this year. Not due to damages on roads but due to damage to trek and some vital bridges are swept away in floods. Hope that everything is in place by next season.

  10. Hello Devkant,

    I have been searching for informative website on the Valley of flowers for a long time now, and I must say your website is the one and only ‘one stop shop’ on this subject. So, first of all congratulations on doing such a commendable job.

    I always wanted to visit the valley, but somehow it never happened. Can you tell me if the treks are still being organized and if the valley is still open after the mishap in Uttrakhand in June’13?

    • Hello, Mary murphy,
      Dates of 2014 are not yet announced. It is most likely that there will be departures every Sunday from Haridwar. Please check back again. You can follow blog for latest updates.


  11. Dear Dev,

    Good see for spreading information for valley of flowere. we have already met many times in NIRC-icsi,library, your habit to bring coffee bottle I can still remember. I am ardent lover of green nature and having instinct to see nature again and again. Valley of flowers is my long charished dream. And I am seroius to realise it.Kindly send all updates to my email id given as above and save my number 9953868996 for any other requirements.


  12. Me and my siblings are planning to go to valley of flowers in June end this year. will it be beneficial because we are gonna be traveling from Mumbai. Also, it took me a lot of efforts to convince them for this trip. Please advise.

    • Hello,
      By end of June you will find good number of flowers but flowering at Hemkund Sahib will be less. You will see lot of big glaciers. Monsoon will not be there so it will be good. If you want to ask more please talk to me on my phone.

  13. brother .. I cant make it this yr due to academic routine ….. I will definately go next yr … I got a doubt .. Can one visit the valley for more than 2 days .. I m seeing in all the packages that maximum no of visiting to valley is 2 !! I dont think one can satisfy in 2 days …  Can we make it more days there ???

    • Hello Sir,

      A detailed itnerary has been sent to you from Haridwar to Valley of Flowers and back to Haridwar. From delhi You can reach Haridwar very easily by bus or by train or a taxi. Janshtabadi Express is the train timing is around 3:30pm or you can take a bus directly from ISBT kasmiri gate. 

  14. Planning to visit valley of flowers in end of July or first week of August 2016 for the first time. Can we find brahmakomal during this time? What different kinds of flowers can we find at that time?

    Also guide me regarding accommodation (preferably homestays and tents) throughout our journey. Kindly give us the contact details, if possible and the procedure of booking.

  15. Is it possible to plan a trip somewhere between August 5th to August 12th for two people? What will be the estimated cost for the entire trip from Dehradun for 2 people? Please send in the details for accommodation as well.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Kunal
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mails.
      Do contact if interested this year.
      Thank you !!

  16. Hello, I am planning a trip to just VOF from Delhi. My date is 12th Aug to reach Haridwar, and need to be back in Delhi on 18th evening. Could you help me with an itinerary and cost for 2pax please? Do you have fixed departures only on weekends?
    Are the roads and the valley safe now, or risky due to the landslides?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Anjali
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. You can check with your mail. If interested this year, kindly contact.
      Thank you !!

    • Hello Pranita
      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. You can contact on the phone numbers provided to you via mail for further discussions.
      Thank you !!

    • Hello Bikram,
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Contact us for further information.
      Thank you !!

    • Hello Amit,
      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Contact us in case of any query.
      Thank you

    • Hello Mahesh,
      The detailed itinerary has been sent you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Contact us in case of any query.

  17. Hi,

    I’m from Delhi, Can you send the detail for two from September 9th 2017.
    and how many days this takes to see this places.


    • Hello Sir,

      The detailed itinerary being sent to you. Kindly check.
      Your queries been answered via mail.

  18. Hi , planning to do 2/3 days trek to valley of flowers in feb,2017, Is it possible? Please share contact number if you can.

    • Hello Ankit,
      Valley of Flower gets open in end week of May only. A trip in Feb is not possible as it remain snow clad during this time.
      The detailed itinerary for our first departure has been sent you. Contact number provided to you via mail.

  19. Namaste DevkantJi.
    We are in the age group of 60 + and I am curious to know if we can make this hiking OR is it only for the young.
    We wish to participate in the 24th September team & i would appreciate your reply.

    Prakash Joshi

    • Hello Sir,

      Glad to see your enthusiasm for the trip. You can surely take up the trek if you are fit enough and doesn’t hold any major disease.
      The other necessary details have been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail. Meanwhile read the following link to have more information:
      Trek feasibility for senior citizens
      Thanks !

  20. Hello
    We are 4-5 people planning to visit valley of flowers on 28th June 2017. Will it be a bit early to witness the different variety of flowers?
    Also how much distance can we cover into the valley, starting from gangharia? We intend to give 2 complete days to the valley.

    • Hello Sir,

      Flowering begins in the last week of July. You will be finding comparatively less number of flowers than July or August. But certainly there will be flowers along with the glaciers in view.
      Valley gate is 400-500 m away from Ghangharia. Then you will be trekking 5-6 km deep into Valley on DAY 1 and 8-9 km on DAY 2. There is no need for the second day in Valley in June.
      The itinerary for June and July are being sent to you via mail. Kindly go through.
      Thanks !

  21. Hello!
    I am planning to visit Valley of Flowers alongwith my friends in the 1st week of July 2017. Is it a good time to explore the place?
    Moreover, I would appreciate it if you could send me the proposed itinerary for the entire trek trip. Thanks!

    • Hello Harsh,

      July is definitely a good time to explore the place. You can join us in the first week.
      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Thanks !

  22. Hi We are thinking of trekking for 4 days in the valley of the flowers and the surrounds. We hope to start around the 12th August. Where should we stay ? And do you go back to your accommodation every night and start out from there for the days trekking. We are coming from NZ.

  23. Hi, I’m Dr Rakhi. We are a group of 25 women in our forties planning a trip in late July or early August. Kindly guide. We liked your website.

    • Hello Ma’am,

      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Other information has also been provided.
      Thanks !

  24. Me and my husband wish to see the valley of flower by the end of june this year. We will be accompanied by my parents aged 62 and 67 (Dad had a heart attack last year but is completely fit as of now) and two kids aged 4 and 6 years. Need your advice about the following:

    Is June end a good time to see blooming flowers in the valley of flowers?

    Is the trekk possible and easy for senior citizens who are otherwise fit?

    Can we easily get porters to help carry kids whenever required, or do we need to book them in advance?

    How many days should we plan for a good experience at the same time not stretching too much for parents and kids?

    What is the cost of this trip? Can you please email a detailed plan for me?

  25. Hi,

    We (3 senior citizens in 55-65 age bracket are planning a trip to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib from Govindghat from 11 June to 13 June this year (as a part of our Char Dham Yatra). Can you help us in getting following information:
    1. Is there any regular helicopter service between Govindghat and Ghangaria? If so can you send us the contact details of the service provider.
    2. Can you recommend some good hotels in Ghangaria as the reviews on the net are quite mixed.

    • Hi,
      Yes regular helicopter service will be available between Govindghat and Ghangaria. Deccan air operates there. You need not book the ticket in advance. According to us hotel Krishna Palace and Priya are good in Ghangaria. You can contact us for the booking there.

  26. I am aged 62 years, height 167 cms weight 72 kgs, walking/slow jogging for average 5 kms a day. take medicine for blood pressure but my pressure remained 120-125 and 80-85 for a very long time. I want to visit Badrinath, valley of flowers and hemkund sahib during Jul-Aug 17 with my elder son aged 27 years who is very fit. Whereas I have not undertaken any trekking so far, I am quite eager. Can you suggest a detailed itinerary and cost. I can spare about 10 days or so. Regards

  27. Hi we a group of 5 ladies in da age group of 40 are planning a trip to valley of flowers in end of July. Is it a very difficult trek considering our fitness level is not much. Please give us details

  28. Hi i will be at Srinagar, Uttrakhand on 11th of Aug, would a trek to Valley of flowers and back be possible from 12th to 14th of August?

  29. i would like to visit the valley of flowers in july 2018 with family would you tell me how many days should i plan for this trip for visiting. am from hyderabad how should i reach the uttarakhand from hyderabad best possible approach for short travelling so that i can spend as much time as possible

  30. I would like to visit the valley of flowers in the month of July 2018.
    Please send me the detailed itinerary for the same.

  31. My friends and I from Bangalore, 9 of us, plan to visit the Valley of Flowers in the first week of August 2018. Your help for a suitable itinerary in this regard would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

  32. Hello Devkant,
    I am planning for a trip to valley of flowers in July 2018(preferably 14th July departure). Please send me complete charges (including pickup and drop from Haridwar to base camp). It would be great if you can send the complete itinerary.

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