The Valley of Flowers is Opening on 1st June 2022

Perhaps the biggest fascination that has intrigued and mesmerized humans is flowers. The flower’s exuberant energy, enticing aroma, and captivating sight are hard to overlook. And one of nature’s gifts in this regard is the UNESCO world heritage site of the Valley of flowers located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India. Since the spectacle prepares to unfold from June till October 2022, have you perhaps thought to visit and get to know the reality behind this natural wonder? Reasons why a visit this year may be the best decision you will ever have made.

What is Fascinating about the Valley of Flowers?

Largest Bio-Diversity

For nature enthusiasts, nothing else captures their attention than being able to see and appreciate nature’s bounty. The diverse flora and fauna coexisting in tranquility and harmony leave a positive imprint on the memory. From bees, insects, colorful butterflies, rare birds, etc. multiply the value of your visit.

Richly Preserved Natural Habitats

The pristine natural environs have for long mesmerized several visitors. Uniquely preserved over the decades with lots of fauna coexisting amicably. Even with reports of global warming and environmental degradation being a reality the atmosphere seems to be trapped in time.

Largest Hanging Garden 

Spread over 8 km in length and 2kms in width, exploring and finishing this natural garden requires patience and perseverance. For many visitors, the depth variety, and floral texture are hard to forget even after several moons of visiting. There are always more blooms showing as the floral season progresses.  

Scenic Undulating Steep Hills

Opening of Valley Flowers

As the season progresses, the accesses and approaches provide a great sight to behold. Mountain scenery has always been a great tourist attraction. However, with the added sight of rich diversity, the location becomes even more enticing.  

Affordable Entry and Tourism

Affordable tourism has enhanced both local and state tourism in Uttarakhand. In the valley of flowers, tourists are assured of affordable entry fees and well-structured visiting hours. This adds to better facilities management for the tourists.

Scenic, Hygienic, and Safe 

Given the multitude of visitors, the enhanced safety and hygienic standards are applaudable. That is because traveling in pleasantly clean environs makes tourists and visitors enjoy their time. 

Extra Amazing Things to Explore and Do at the Valley of Flowers

Hiking and Trekking

The high-altitude reaches of this naturally expansive garden scenery induce an instant desire to connect with nature.  


Who can resist the opportunity to take stunning photos or click images with unique backgrounds? Taking exceptional images and photographs at one of the world heritage sites is something to look back on with fondness and beautiful memory.

Local Tourism and Hospitality

Perhaps more than just the flowers, the local surrounding community and villages can inspire tourists to explore and learn. The village communities are known for their vibrant centuries-old traditions that are a spectacle in themselves to relive and experience. 

Experience and Explore Nearby Pilgrimage Sites

The mountainous and hilly regions of Uttarakhand state are known for pilgrimage locations. These are shrines dedicated to various deities. That’s why the passage to the valley of flowers brings feelings of being closer to the divine. The valley of flowers is locally known as the abode of the Gods.