Trek to the Valley of Flowers: A Must-Do Adventure in 2022

Introduction: treks are all about adventure & to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. The valley of flowers trek is something that entails this and much, much more. When have you decided to take up 

this trek this year in 2022? There are vital things to know & to keep in mind as you step out to feast your eyes on the ‘greatest’ spectacle earth has had the privilege to nurture over the centuries. The world’s highest and most diverse ‘hanging garden’ on the plains of the Himalayas is worth visiting. Here is a list of things to take care of before stepping out.

Best Time to Plan for the Valley of Flowers Trek 2022

The Valley of Flowers Trek officially opens in the monsoon months of June-July, and August. The weather is cloudy & sometimes stormy or rainy but best for trekking. Keep in mind the distance between your starting point to destination. Factor all the access routes & their advantages & disadvantages. 

Access Travel Points to the Valley of Flowers Trek

Closest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (295Kms)

Closest Railway Station – Rishikesh Railway Station (275kms)

Closest Bus Terminal – Buses & Taxis Ply to Govindghat / Pulna Village.

Taxi & Private Car – Buses & Taxis Ply to Govindghat / Pulna Village.

NB. From here, several stay options can be accessed & open a world of sightseeing. Get set for a trek to the valley flowers in 2022.

Must Dos on the Valley of Flowers Trek 2022

Catch Sight of Rare Bird & Plant Species

The purpose and highlight of the valley of flowers trek are exuberant greenery, breath-taking rare flower species, endangered animals & birds. Additionally, get to see the magnificent scenic beauty of the Himalayan plains, beautiful scenery & cultural attractions that leave you grateful for this world wonder, a UNESCO world heritage site.  

Trek in the Lush Green Hills & Plains 

Are you trekking on the valley of flowers trek in 2022? Don’t miss out on the captivating undulating scenery of the Himalayan plains. All alive with greenery & flowers at this time. The feeling & experience can be a therapeutic moment by appreciating the beauty of nature & its importance. 

Take Some Memorable Photos of the Trek Experience 

trekking pictures

Treks leave you asking for more if they are a once-in-a-year experience. Seeing the valley come alive with flowers after the snow melting in June-July will make you want to take some memorable photos.

Trek in Early Morning Hours to Get the Best Moments

The best moment to start your trek is in the morning to enjoy the beauty of nature for longer. Keep in mind the valley of flowers opening and closing hours to enjoy the maximum adventure in the lap of nature.

Book Accommodation & Stay in Advance

The valley of flowers trek is relatively the most popular trek in the monsoon months as it combines the best season for flower blooms & spiritual pilgrimage to Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh Gurdwara & the highest located Sikh shrine in the world. The rush for hotel & stay bookings gets overwhelmed in the actual visiting months. Advance booking of accommodation is advisable to get the best location stays. 

Carry valid Identification Documentation

Carry valid Ids in case of emergencies and a routine need of help. The documents are the best recourse as it’s good to prepare at all times for any eventuality.

Ensure Carrying the Best Trekking Gear

Trekking gear includes multiple but vital things like boots, trekking clothing warm clothing, an umbrella, a torch (with extra batteries), 

baseball cap or hat (optional), toiletries, medications, woollen rest mat, energy snacks, insect repellents, sunglasses, trekking bag, camera (if you want to take professional photos for which you have to pay) and extra utilities for personal convenience.  

Carry Hydrating Fluids at All Times

Hydrants like water & energy restoring glucose are of immense help along the trek. Snacks rich in minerals, fibre & energy are an added advantage for good health.  

Follow Established Laws & Be Safe 

It’s good to be a responsible tourist and respectful of the laws. Take precautions to be safe at all times, and ensure that what you do is within Indian law and order.  


As the most popular trek in India, the valley of flowers trek has become the tourist paradise to discover. The moderate weather outlook reinforces the drive by tourists to access this paradise on earth. Are you ready & planning for that encounter with mystical nature? Get in touch with the best tips and guides at and find the best ways to access the valley of flowers trek in 2022.