Valley of flowers tour packages 2020

Valley of flowers tour packages 2020

Valley of Flowers is our passion not just profession (The colors used on this page are picked up from flowers found in the valley). Just browse through our website and give it at least 10 minutes and you will not leave it for hours and will come back again to check the unique and beautiful photographs and information about “The Valley of Flowers”. Almost every question is answered here and we know that there are many questions which you may not even ask but are important.

Valley of flowers Uttarakhand package / Trek itinerary / Valley of flowers tour package. Total cost Rs. 7000 – Rs. 35000 per person depending upon what type of package and service you choose.

Here is Brief Itinerary for Valley of flowers trekking package.

  • Day1 – Haridwar : Reporting at Haridwar
  • Day 2 – Haridwar to Auli : Haridwar to Auli via Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Srinagar, Karanprayag, Peepalkoti, total 300 km by road. Its full day journey.
  • Day 3 – Auli to Ghangaria : Auli to Govindghat drive, see Vishnu Prayag on the way. Drive to Pulna village for 4 km and trek to Ghangaria for 10 km.
  • Day 4 – Ghangaira to Valley of flowers – back to Ghangaira :Ghangaira to Valley of flowers and trek back to Ghangaira. 6 km trek one side.
  • Day 5 – Ghangaira to Valley of flowers – back to Ghangaira (Buffer day for deeper parts of valley of flowers) : You should have a buffer day for Valley of flowers . Visit Valley of flowers again.
  • Day 6 – Hemkund Sahib visit : Ghangaira to Hemkund Sahib and back to Ghangaria
  • Day 7 – Ghangaria to Badrnath and Mana village and back to Auli : Ghangaira to Pulna trek and drive to Govindghat – Badrinath and Mana village by evening reach Auli.
  • Day 8 Back to Haridwar : Auli to Haridwar drop.

We are the number one tour operator for Valley of Flowers trek. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 we took more than 3500 people to Valley of Flowers. Every year we make some positive changes in itinerary and other arrangements for the trek. Blue Poppy Holidays introduced two days exclusively for Valley of Flowers.

FACT: Most of the people visiting Valley of Flowers do not see its real beauty but all of them are happy because they do not know what have they missed. Just check our Deeper parts Gallery of the Valley of flowers.

Places to visit on your tour to valley of flowers

Valley of flowers tour require lot of effort and time, therefore one must try to complete everything on the trip in one go itself. According to us one must cover following places on the tour to valley of flowers.

  1. Hemkund Sahib
  2. Badrinath along with Mana village.
  3. Confluences of rivers on the way, like Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Vishnuprayag and Keshav Prayag.
  4. Auli along with a mild and beautiful trek to Gorson top.
  5. Joshimath

Keeping in mind of these facts we have designed the two options with fixed departures. Both options have two days exclusive for Valley of flowers. The main difference in these option is that the option 2 has one day exclusively for Auli to Gorson top trek.

One of our group near Ghangaria
One of our group near Ghangaria

Please fill in your details below to get the tour package details on the mail.

Option 1

Two days for Valley of Flowers
  • Total no of days ex Haridwar : 7 Days
  • Departure Saturday and Sunday
  • Ends on Friday and Saturday

Option 2

Two Days for Valley of Flowers, with Auli and Gorson Top
  • Auli and Gorson Top for one day
  • Total no of days ex Haridwar : 8 Days
  • Departure every Saturday ends on Saturday

Apart from these options, we can customize your trip according to your requirements, like reducing number of days, budget, upgrade your vehicle etc. We would be able to reduce price without reducing the level of service if you are able to come in midweek instead of fixed departure. Please feel free to call us back on +91 9991242759 and +91 9991142759 for more information on this.

We came into this profession just because of our love to Valley of flowers. Blue Poppy Holidays operate only for this place and are masters in organizing the tour. We own hotels / resorts in Auli and Ghangaria. These hotels were created just to provide you good service. Blue Poppy Holidays have intention and capability of providing best possible service for this trip.

“The cost is long forgotten but QUALITY is remembered forever”

Quality Stay :

The itinerary for the Valley of flowers trip is very hectic and tiring. You need good stay after a long tiring day. Keeping this in mind, we provide stay in best hotels at various places. In fact, for Super Deluxe package we provide stay in our own properties at Auli and Ghangaria. TripAdvisor links are given below.

Quality Food :

We provide best food during the trip. Once you are in Auli we provide some local organic food as a part of menu as well. However, food served will be veg only we can serve eggs on request.

Quality transport :

For this trip we need to drive for almost 10-12 hours on Day 1 and last day of the trip, the vehicle should be comfortable. By default, the transport vehicle is tempo traveller. This is 14-seat vehicle. Maximum 9-10 people are put in one tempo traveller. It is ensured that no one need to sit in the last row. However your vehicle can be upgraded to Toyota Inova/ Swift Dezire at some extra cost.

Quality Management:

Every year we cater almost 800 -1000 person for this trip – means we have lot of experience in handling people.

Complete trip solution:

We provide you complete trip solution from airport to airport. We provide packages from Haridwar but we can provide you pick up and drop from the airport as well. If you are coming with us you will not leave any important place to be visited in the area. Your trip will be complete in one go itself.

Complimentary App :

In the start when we came into this profession, our director Devkant Sangwan used to accompany the groups to the Valley of flowers. People used to ask about the name and other information about the flowers found during the trek. In 2015 we came up with a book on Valley of flowers to recognize the flowers found in the valley. Later on, we made a nice mobile app, which is very nice and helpful in getting information of flowers.

Valley of flowers app for iOS and Android
Valley of flowers app for iOS and Android

Tripadvisor links for our properties used for your tour to Valley of flowers

Blue Poppy Resorts Auli.

Blue Poppy Swiss Cottage Camps at Ghangaira.

Some earlier group pictures

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  1. I am interested to join valley of flowers for family wiith 3 person along with my son -14 yrs old and couple 43 yrs & 42 yrs. Pl guide the package along with Badrinath temple including in the complete package.

  2. Dear Mr. Devkant,

    We wish to visit valley this 2019 season with you. Please let me know the rates of ponies from 1) Govindghat to Ghangaria and 2) from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib[one way and both ways]

    Thanks and regards.

  3. Uttarakhand is very rich in natural beauty and is a paradise for those seeking some adventure tours in Uttarakhand Himalayas like trekking, peak climbing and white water rafting, lofty mountains, imposing glaciers and surreal lakes, its high altitude religious tourism attractions like It is a destination to be visited all through the year as each season has something special to offer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi
    I’m traveling to Mana for work and plan to visit valley of flowers on my way back on 17th August. I can reach govindghat by myself, can you provide assistance for my trip from govindghat to valley of flowers/ hemkund sahib and back to govindghat. I would be a solo traveler.

  5. Hai sir, this is shashidhar Karnataka, me and my wife planned a trip to vof by comming September first week. Is there any trekking plan you have that starts from gangaria,

  6. Hi Sir,

    Great blog and we are planning trip coming october 1st wk.

    Need your help in planning it.

    Tried dialing 2 of the numbers you have mentioned here but no luck.

    Please share a number with which I can reach you or give us a call back at 8970582589

  7. Hi!
    We are two (male) , going for VoF and Hemkund Sahib trek in Aug,we will be reaching Govind Ghat on 07.08.2018. Next day at Gangharia, 08,09 and 10 Aug at Gangharia, 11th Aug back to Govind ghat, can you suggest any hotel for Govind Ghat and Gangharia with booking details….

  8. Hi. We are a family of 5 members planning to go for the trek to valley of Flowers as well as Hemkund sahib. Please send a detailed itinerary or call on 9756557895

  9. Hello,
    We are a couple looking to travel to Valley of flowers and Auli. Tentative Dates : From 12 July (for 7-8 days).
    Can you help us plan our travel and accommodation?

  10. Hi,
    We are a group of 5 people looking for a trek to valley of flowers. We will take a bus or train from delhi on the 10th of august and plan to come back to delhi on the 19. Please provide an itinerary for the same

  11. We are looking for a customised tracking package with pick up from Gurgaon to valley of flowers: departure from Gurgaon 22nd June and arrival on 30 th June.

    • A detailed itinerary has been sent to you please go through it or you can call us on 9991242759 otherwise give us your contact number so that we can discuss over phone for your exact requirements.

  12. We are couple & interested in velly of flowers, auli, hemkun sahib & if any other good place . Interested in Sept 18 1st week to 10 days. You can add badrinath in this if possible.

  13. Can you please send me the detailed itinerary and the cost sheet along with inclusions and exclusions. How big is your group size? We need a customized tour, we are a group of about 8-10 people. Please have someone call me to discuss and understand my requirement. Contact me on 8000181251

    • A detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly go through it and revert you can call us on 9991242759.

  14. Hello, we ladies in fiftees from Mumbai are interested in Valley of flowers visit between mid July to August what are the options for us and pl give full details about the same

  15. We a family of four would like to visit in July or August for two days . Kindly let us know about cost and areas covered , only valley of flowers

    • We have sent you all the itinerary regarding the trip to valley of flowers on your email. We have exclusively two days for valley of flowers.

    • Yes it is a good time, we have mail you all the detailed itinerary please revert and call us on +91 991142759.

  16. Hi, we are two ppl (couple) interested to treck only Valley of Flowers. Can I have details of cost and days. thank you.

  17. Hello Devkant,
    We are 4 of us planning to do Valley of Flowers departure from Haridwar 02Sep 2018 (fixed departures as shown above). Can you please send me the details on my mail

  18. hi
    I have been wanting to do this trek for very long. want to know the itinerary and rates. Also dates of availability. I may look at a solo or a couples trek.

  19. Hi,We are a group of 5 looking for a trek to Valley of Flowers starting Haridwar, in second week of August. Can you arrange complete package from Haridwar?

  20. Hi we are 2 people looking for a visit to Valley of Flowers in last week of August 2017. Can you arrange a complete package from either Bangalore or Dehdradun?

  21. Hi,We are a group of 5 looking for a trek to VOF starting Mumbai, in last week of July. Can you arrange complete package say from Mumbai or Dehradun?

  22. Hi i am intrested for VOF n hemkund sahib tour.So far we are 2 women travelling but latter some more might join.We want to visit in aug.Kindly provide detail itenary.

  23. hello, we are a group of three and we would like to visit valley of flowers. we have maximum 3 days for the tour (end of july to mid of august) and we have visited Haridwar and rishikesh already. can you please suggest more on this short tour?

  24. Hello,

    We are planning to visit Valley of Flowers in July end. Can you please let me know if we have planned it right?


  25. Hi, my husband and I would like to sign up asap for the valley of flowers in July. We would like to do Auli aswell. We are fit and are used to hiking, so please let us know how to take this forward.


  26. Hi,

    We are a group of friends and planning trip in the month of September. Is it a good time to visit the place?

  27. Which is the best month(july,august,september) to visit and in which we can see glaciers.Please reply me.

  28. We want to visit the valley in flower in the m/o July.

    There will be a group of office people around 7-8 people. All from Delhi

  29. From which date your very first group goes every year as we have to plan due to my children’s Summer vacation are ending soon. And from which month you start booking summe it’s possible to book for next summer specially may last.

  30. Hello
    We are from Haridwar . We want to go for a trip to valley of flowers. Can you guide us for this trip? We are two people & plan to go either in JUNE or JULY .
    Also please guide us as which month is better to come there & accordingly send your itinerary .

  31. Hi,

    I am planning to visit valley of flowers with my husband in August. Please send me the detailed itinerary and price

  32. Hi i would like to visit valley of flowers in august.
    Can you send complete itinerary and price?
    Thank you.

  33. Hi Dev,

    Im planning to visit Valley of flowes with my wife. Please send detailed itenary along with price.

    Thanks & Regards,

  34. Sir,
    I am 46 year old , I along with my spouse ( 41 years) are planning to visit valley of flowers in July or August 2017. Please guide which is good month among July and August as well as how many days are required for nice & memorable tour.No experience of trekking/adventure tour & remains very very comfort lover visitors throughout the life hence consider the thing & provide guidance & detailed itinerary.

  35. Hello Devkantji….

    I am following you on this site for a while and willing to make a trip of VOF with you. Planning to join your group on 6th Aug, 2017. In this regard, I have some specific questions to ask you :
    1. Can this tour be customized with two days for vof and one day for Hemkund Sahib with one day gap in between.
    2. Can One day Trek to Alaknanda Glacier be included in it.

    if it is yes in all cases the please Give me an estimate, so that I can plan accordingly. My return ticket is booked on 13th Morning from Haridwar.

    Subhashis Chatterjee

  36. Hi! Is end of April-first week of May a good time to vist Valley of Flowers?
    We’re a big group with 6 yrs olds. Our trip starts frm Delhi-nainital-mussorie. How can we include valley of flowers? Pls advice

    • Hello Ma’am,

      This is to inform you that you cannot include VALLEY OF FLOWERS in the month of April or May as it opens in first week of June.
      Better make a separate plan.
      Thanks !

  37. I am 56 and my husband 60 yrs old and we are not in a great shape. It has been our dream to visit VOF. We love taking photographs of the nature (hobby). We can start from Delhi on 2 August and wish to visit VOF for 2 days and Hemkund sahib (health and weather permitting). Can you send me the detailed itinerary and the cost of the trip please?

    • Valley will open in June Ma’am. Our departures are also starting from June.
      The itinerary for the same has been sent to you.
      Thanks !

  38. We want to go to valley of flowers in August. Can you please let me know how to reach the destination from kolkata and also the package itinerary for 6-8 adults?

    • Hello Sumit Ji,

      The detailed itinerary regarding the same has been sent to you. Kindly have a look.
      Other details are also provided.
      Thanks !

  39. I am planning my first solo trip so please tell me the package details as I think this trip will be a perfect start for a solo trip experience. Looking forward to more details. Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Sanya,

      Good to see your enthusiasm for the trip. Yes, the trip is safe for solo female travelers as they come in good number every year.
      Please click the following link to know more:
      Trek for women
      The details regarding the trip have been sent to you. Kindly revert on the same.
      Thanks !

  40. We are planing to visit valley of flowers around 9/08/17. We r 6 adults. Please give details of how we shall reach from Delhi. The tour cost etc.

  41. Hi! We’re from Hyderabad and we are planning to visit the Valley of Flowers in July 2017. The group comprises about 5-7 people (yet to fully decide). The tentative dates are: July 15 (Saturday) catch the Dehradun flight from Hyderabad in the morning and return on July 23 (Sunday) via the Dehradun-Hyderabad flight. Can you please suggest an itinerary (and cost) for the days that we’ll be there? We wish to go for trekking in the Valley. Itinerary date-wise and of places please. Thank you so much!

  42. Hi… can you please suggest how safe is this trekking for female solo traveler ? and package for a single person and group ?

    • Hello Moumita,
      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail. The trek is safe for solo female traveller. We do take solo female trekkers with us in good number. There is nothing to worry much. Go through the following page for more information :
      Trek for women
      Group discounts are available depending upon the size of your group.
      Contact us in case of any query.

  43. We are M69 / F64 and would like to visit char Dham and Valley of Flowers in 2017. How can you help us? We may not be able to take steep climb and also Poni due to back problems for her. I am diabetic.

    • Hello Mr. Avinash

      The detailed itinerary for next year has been sent to you. Kindly visit the following page:

      Contact us for further details.
      Thank you !!

    • Hello Ritu
      The itinerary for this year has been sent. Kindly check. Visit the page below to get information on Best Time to Visit.

      We have departures during September as well.
      Thank you !!

    • Hello Abhishek
      This year’s itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check with your mail.
      Do contact if intersted this year.
      Thank you !!

    • Hi Rahul,
      There are no special packages for Photographers but, you can join in any of the fixed departures, a detailed mail has been sent to you.


  44. Planning for a trip to the VOF this august 2016…the 6th. What about rains during that period and trip during rains. Lest we dont wanna be caught stranded in floods. Forecast checked online…not getting sufficient details.

    Plz answer this query of mine….thnx in advance

    • Hello Manjunath Ji,

      Floods which came in 2013 were in June month. There are lot of glaciers in June, which melt by July end. Melting of these glaciers were responsible for the floods. Last year we had 20 fixed departures and none of them got stuck. There may be some landslides which can disrupt your road journey on first day and last day of your trip. Generally the land slides are cleared in a matter of few hours. Moreover this is the time when you see the valley of flowers in full bloom.

  45. Hi,

    Im interested in the trek to the Valley of Flowers sometime mid-July. However I couldn’t find what this trek would cost me.

    Please send me costing for the 8days & 7days trek that you have.


    • Hello Liz Ji,

      A detailed itinerary of the tour package for both options has been sent to you on your mail, please check and revert.

    • Dear Alka,
      A dovetailed itinerary of the tour package has been sent to you on your mail, please check and revert.

    • Hello Abhishek Ji,
      A detailed itinerary along with cost and all other information has been sent to you. For best time to visit, check out the page on our website.
      Thank you !!

  46. My friends group of 7 people want to go in the end of june or early july.. Please mail us the cost and indicate thr pony charges also

    • Dear Mam,

      Thanks for showing your interest we would certainly answer your query. Mam if you really want to admire the outstanding beauty of the valley of flowers you should plan to go during the first week of July because of the fact that this is the time when valley of flowers is in full bloom . You will find lots of greenery and flowers everywhere in the valley of flowers during this time.Regarding the cost we have sent you a mail which is by the name option-1 which you can have a glance at and as far as the pony charges are concerned it is around Rs.800/- day. Do let us know in case of any other query. We would certainly help you with a smile 🙂

  47. I would like to visit valley of flowers in mid August, I am inBaroda, Gujarat, kindly send the cost of pacage for 3 persons, thanks

    • Hello Hansa Gada Ji,
      A detailed itinerary along with cost and all other information has been sent to you. Kindly check.
      Thank you !!

  48. Hi, I want to travel to the valley of flowers in June this year. Is it possible? Also i would be travelling from Kolkata which route will you be suggesting. It will be a gang of five girls only. Please share the complete package details along with cost involved. Do you also arrange pick up from Delhi? I have heard a lot about your tour service and must say that guys are doing a commendable job.

    • Dear Mam,

      We really value your comments about us and would try our best to answer all your doubts. Mam the best time to visit the Valley of flowers not June (for this reason please do visit our best time to visit page ) but it is the starting of July to the end of August if you fancy exploring this mesmerizing valley at its best, so we suggest if you could reschedule your trip a little bit. And as you are coming from Kolkata you can either come straight to Dehradun or Delhi from where we can provide you with transportation till Haridwar at some extra cost. The details and the cost involved has been sent on your email id. I hope that all your query has been resolved, but if not feel free to write us again as we would love hearing it from you again.

    • Hello Samidha J ,
      A detailed itinerary along with cost and all other information has been sent to you. Kindly check.
      Thank you !!

  49. we are 3 friends , we are interested to trek and visit valley of flowers
    Kindly send cost and details. we are in bangalore.

    • Dear Priya,
      We have sent you a detailed itinerary with cost and other important information.. Kindly have an overview and revert.

  50. Hi,

    I am interested for the 16th July Batch. It will be a group of 3-4 persons coming from Mumbai. Kindly send details and cost of package.


  51. Hi,
    I’m a solo traveller from Mumbai. And am interested in visiting VoF from 30 July to 6 Aug.
    Please let me know the details of this tour. Thank you

  52. Hello Team,

    i am very much keen to visit VOF in this year may be in the last week of July 2016,
    i request you to forward the complete details of package cost with the facilities on the above mentioned email id.

    • Hi Lokesh,
      Sorry for delayed response. A detailed itinerary has been mailed to you. Please send your phone number as well.

  53. Hello Team !!!

    I'm from Kolkata and love to trek.

    We are 4 adults (2 male & 2 female) with 2 kids (11 years and 6 yeras)

    Verry much interested in VOF trek along with Hemkund Sahib.

    Preffered time period – 1st week of July'16.

    Please forward me the options along with cost to my email id please.


    Jaijit Chowdhuri

  54. 16.11.2015


    Dear Sir, 

    I am very keen to visit VOF  during next July/Augst. Please 

    send all the required details like, cost, Health Condition Requirment mode of Payment etc..

    With kind regards


    S N Shenoy


    • Hello Sir,

      A detailed itinerary has been sent to you. We have announced our departures for 2016 to Valley of Flowers :-

      • 02 Jul, 2016 to Jul 09, 2016
      • 03 Jul, 2016 to 10 Jul, 2016
      • 09 Jul, 2016 to 16 Jul, 2016
      • 10 Jul, 2016 to 17 Jul, 2016
      • 16 Jul, 2016 to 23 Jul, 2016
      • 17 Jul, 2016 to 24 Jul, 2016
      • 23 Jul, 2016 to 30 Jul, 2016
      • 24 Jul, 2016 to 31 Jul, 2016
      • 30 Jul, 2016 to 06 Aug, 2016
      • 31 Jul, 2016 to 07 Aug, 2016
      • 06 Aug, 2016 to 13 Aug, 2016
      • 07 Aug, 2016 to 14 Aug, 2016
      • 13 Aug, 2016 to 20 Aug, 2016
      • 14 Aug, 2016 to 21 Aug, 2016
      • 20 Aug, 2016 to 27 Aug, 2016
      • 21 Aug, 2016 to 28 Aug, 2016
      • 27 Aug, 2016 to 03 Sep, 2016
      • 28 Aug, 2016 to 04 Sep, 2016

      You can find all the details like cost and mode of payment in our mail and for Valley of Flowers trip only basic fitness is required for more information on this kindly visit this page.

  55. Hi please tell me if its fine for a girl to come there alone and how much will the total cost come to if I plan to join the 2 August group for trek

  56. Hi,

    We are planning the month of October first week.
    Is it suitable for us?
    Please mail to me all details and prices.


  57. i m planning to visit valley of flowers in mid August….we r a group of 3-4 people from college!! What will be the tour package cost? Can u please give me details!

  58. I want to take the copter for 5 including 2,6 year olds Do u arrange the copter & porters . I would like to travel in mid Sept.

    • Taking a kid of 2.6 years on the trip is not recommended. You can come once your baby will be around 5-6 years.

  59. My query:

    My sister-in-law wishes to visit Valley of flowers alone in Aug/Sep.
    What is the level of fitness needed?
    Can she share a room with another lady traveller? She is flexible in terms of dates.
    Shall be grateful if you could also inform cost etc details.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Ulhas Vairagkar

  60. not a comment but a query. Whats the best time to visit the valley of flowers? What will be the cost for 2 persons? What is the accomadation like ? is it in hotels/ motels/ inns / homestays?? what kind of food is available? HOW MANY HOURS OF WALKING PER DAY ? Can there be a possibility to hire a vehicle if need be?

  61. Hi Devkant,

    Thanks a lot for giving so much detailed descriptions including pictures and videos.

    I am planning to travel on July second week 2015. I shall travel with my wife and kid who is 6 years old. Please let us know the package cost. Is there any porter available to assist on trekking for ladies or kid?

    What are the things to carry and prerequisites for the tour? I have only 7 days in my hand and I stay at Kolkata.


    • A detailed mail has been sent to you for itinerary and costing.
      YES porters will be available on the trek to carry your bags and to carry your kid also.
      Kindly follow this Things to Carry link to know what things to carry with you for the trek.

  62. Hi Devkant,

    no matter how weird my question sounds but still want to enquire are pets allowed, if yes is it safe I mean in terms of snow leopard etc

    • Hello Rachita Ji,
      There is no restriction as far as pets are concerned. I think you will not be allowed to take your pet inside the valley but you can take your pet up to Ghangaria and even upto Hemkund Sahib. You also need to have a separate vehicle. I have seen a person carrying his pet on a pony with him between Govindghat and Ghangaria. Snow leopard is found at a very high altitude I have never seen it, but there are dogs in the area.

  63. Me and my friends are from Mumbai. We are planning to take a train to Haridwar from Mumbai and then travel from Haridwar to Govindghat by our bikes and then on to VOF.

    Please help me with some information:

    1. The bridge on river pushpawati got destroyed in the flood. Is it repaired? I am told that if this bridge is not repaired then we cannot go to the valley of flowers.

    2. Can we park our bikes at Govindghat for the trekking period (3-4 days)? Is it safe?

    3. Since we are riding bikes there are few things we do not want to carry on the trek eg. helmets and some riding gear. Can we keep these for safekeeping at Govindghat?

    4. Please provide cost and time (schedule) it will take for three pax to go from Govindghat to VOF and also Hemkunt Sahib

    Thanking you in anticipation

    G.M. Patel

  64. I am interested in trekking to Valley of Flowers during July-August this year. Since I am alone will I be able to join some group with female members in it?

  65. Hello Devkanth Sangwan,

    Could you please mail me itineraries for a package to valley of Flowers (please inform per person rate minimum and maximum number of persons). Please include Bungee Jumping rate also if possible.Let me know if we can see the valley as shown in the link above and if yes when is the best time to visit. Please reply ASAP so that we can plan early.

  66. I am looking forward to joining the trek starting 12th July ’14. Getting my 14yr son along.
    Both of us are pretty excited about the same.
    Devkant has guided us well over phone and you can talk to him with any queries.
    Look forward to the group as well. I am based in Mumbai and would love to know if anyone else is joining on these dates.

  67. Can you please let me know per person cost for the 7 day tour package? I understand that 7 days trip contains 2 days trips inside Valley of Flowers, is that correct? We would like to go in July or August. Do you have any itineraries longer than 7 days?

    • Hi,
      A detailed mail has been sent to you, we do not have fixed departures in which we go to valley of 3 days or more. but you can get it customized.

    • Valley of flowers is accessible only from June to September. In all other months it is snow clad. You will not be able to go to valley of flowers in September. But you may plan to visit Chopta. There will be lot of snow. Please visit our page Chopta here. It is called mini Switzerland in India.

  68. Early morning drive to Rishikesh and Haridwar with packed breakfast. On the way visit Rudraprayag where river Mandakini and Alaknanda meet. Here we feel more relaxed, this journey is give me a lot of experience. Thanks for sharing this nice article……..

  69. Respected sir,
    This is Chintan Gori from mumbai. I am in haridwar right now on a tour with my mother and my aunt. We wish to visit valley of flowers but dont know how to reach there.We are interested in joining your tour.. So if u can kindly mail me the package detail it would be of great help.
    Thanking you
    Chintan Gori.

  70. Hi,

    We would like to visit valley of flowers. We are total 4 people having 3-4 days trip starting from 18th of June.

    Kindly share the details.also please confirm if the route is open or still broken.

  71. Need to know the availability for valley of flowers trek from 10_16 August, we are a group of 4 people, 2 adults and 2 kids aged 9&11 years. What would be the cost as well

  72. Hi,

    I am from Rajasthan.

    I with 10 of my friend want to visit Valley of Flowers in Mid of August but we have only 4 days time (15th to 18th August) Kindly suggest how we can use this time and plan a visit to this beautiful place.

    Kindly let me know the total cost with break-up

    • Valley of Flowers trip is not possible in 3-4 Days at least you need 6-7 Days.A detailed itinerary has been mailed to you.

  73. Dear Sir/ Madam,,

    we are 3 friends , we are interested to trek and visit valley of flowers
    Kindly send details at earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

  74. I am 62 & my wife is 52. I am physically ok. She has under control moderately high BP, history of Asthma & occasional Feet-Leg pains. We have successfully ventured Sikkim and Kashmir through the temperatures and altitudes. Done some trekking too. Wish to visit the Valley of Flowers in a near future. Need suggestion & advice from experts covering all aspects like Best time, Itinerary, Total cost, Cost breakups, Options eg Economy & Luxury packages etc. Thanks.

  75. Hello,
    I live in kolkata,I am want to take a ture in valley of flower.please give me a full details of the package of this ture for one persion.

    By the way my English speaking skill is not so good that’s why sorry..
    Please send a exact reply as soon as posiable.
    Thank You.

    • Hello Babai Ghosh ji,

      Please do not be sorry for bad English, it is not our language. I have sent you detailed itinerary and other details. Please check your mail.

  76. Hi

    My friends and i would like to visit the valley of flowers. I have lived in Uttarakhand for 3 yrs and am in love with the state and its beauty. Have worked in Uttarkashi and Udhamsighnagar in the past. Just the travel up and down Dehradun to uttarkashi 2 yamuna valley and ganga valley were sooo good!!

    We are thinking of the August dates for this year.
    Your site is very detailed and useful- thanks a lot for the pictures and the information- also the planned tour looks very interesting.

    We would need an estimate of per person cost. Do you think you could help us with this?

    please mail me at

    • Hi Namrata Ghosh Ji,
      I have sent you the itinerary. You can contact me over phone also. I am available on +91 9991142759.

  77. You should put the price somewhere visible on the page. Also, it’s VERY HARD to find the information on your website. The most important links are small or in least visible palces. I kindly suggest you hire a professional website designer to redesign your website. good luck!

    • Hello Asher,
      Thanks for your suggestions I am working accordingly. Actually I made this website myself so that changes can be done easily and more frequently. Prices are not given as there are different categories of packages available and one can get a mail instantly just by filling up a small form. We never send spam and call our customers unnecessarily. Just changes the home page now after your suggestions please have a look.

  78. Hi,

    I would like to know the trip details for 27th July to 2nd August (7 days) and also is this the best time to visit this place or not ?

    • We will not be organizing treks in October as Valley of flowers closes in 4th October. But this time I will personally be going to valley of flowers on 2nd October. I will be starting from Delhi on 2nd October.

  79. Hello,

    We are 5 in a group. and we want to go valley of flowers in July last week. 2013. How much it will cost per person? Please reply ASAP as it is already mid of June and we have to book tickets immediately.

  80. Hello i am planning to reach rishikesh on 30th June so wont be fitting any of your scheduled departures. We will be 3 members. 1 female and 2 males all in twenties. We are planning for vof and Hemkund Sahib only. How much time will it take from Rishikesh and back? I will be travelling from Bangalore.

  81. Many thanks for your immaculate efforts in bringing forth this blog and site. This is very helpful and motivating. I am also a nature lover and have traveled a lot. Many time on this way in my car also but unfortunately never happened to visit the Valley due to timings. I am now planning to visit the valley with my wife and your trip from 11th to 17th August suits me. Sir, my query is what will be the costings for two for the trip and what places are covered & hotels/stays will be provided in the trip of 7 days. I will prefer coming in my own car. Will be very glad for your early response

  82. Hello Devkant,
    I and 2 of my friends are planning a trip at valley of flowers on august 2nd weak. I have got most information from this website but can you confirm me about the car fare from haridwar to govindghat?
    and if I only take car for dropping, if there is any problem to return time from badrinath to haridwar?

    • The public transport is really pathetic in the area. So just getting dropped is not at all a good idea. I also organize trip to valley of flowers, you may join my group. Although I will be out for another trek from tomorrow and will be available from Tuesday only you may call me at +91 9991142759 at any time. I know there will be lots of questions to be answered.

  83. Hi

    I want to be in valley of flowers on Aug 22nd(being my birthday)

    I will travel along with my parents(60+), my wife(we both in our 30s) and my 11-month old baby. we will drive till the last motorable point and from there we would like to trek/take mule/take helicopter.

    Could you please advise what will is the cost included for helicopter/hiring mule-porter/trek?
    where can we leave our car at the last motorable point. is there any parking place/security area?
    how much would it cost from the last motorable point to come back to that point ?
    when should we start from delhi if we have to be in Valley of flowers on aug 22nd.

    • Hello Vinny Williams,
      This is nice idea. Unfortunately I do not have any fixed departure which will serve the purpose. Following are the answers to your questions.

      Taking senior citizens is not a problem you can read this travelogue by one of our senior citizen customer. But I will not recommend you to take your 11 month old baby but still if you want to take him you may hire a porter.

      Cost of taking Helicopter between Govindghat and Ghangaria is Rs. 3500 one way (Last year’s price). Hiring mule for a day will cost you Rs. 800 But this varies with demand and supply. Porter will also cost you same as mule.
      Last Motor able point is Govindghat but I will not recommend you take your own car for the trip. Although there are public parking available at Govindghat. If you want I can help you in getting rooms at Ghangaria and Govindghat and give you vehicle from Haridwar. To reach valley of flowers from Delhi on 22nd you should start from Delhi on 19th August. You may have a look on this page for detailed itinerary from Haridwar.

      I tried to answer all your questions but if you left with some more questions ( I am sure you will have more questions) you can ask me here or may call me at +91 9991142759.

  84. Hi Devkant,

    I am quite keen to visit this heavenly place. I have few questions though:
    How and by when would you confirm the trek as I have expressed interest.
    What is mode of payment?
    You have asked for a doctor consultation. But generally anyone can visit the place or you suggest any particular medical test?
    This trip is exaclty what I have been searching for. Would love to join. Kindly respond.


    • Hello Bhavani,
      I called you up and answered your questions, but for the information of everyone your questions are answered as follows. A seat in the trek is confirmed once client pays Rs. 5000 in advance. To make payment he can deposit the amount in my bank account. The details are given on our contact us page. The balance amount can be paid on arrival. As far as doctor consultation is concerned, a person who is a senior citizen or having breath problem or altitude sickness should get it done. This advice is for your own safety.
      Last year a person who aged 63 also accompanied our group. You may read his experience and see pictures here. You are most welcome for the trip.

  85. Hi,
    I am an ecologist from Pondicherry,working as a botanist since 30 years at hyderabad.I turn 57 this year.
    I would be grateful for advise for a trip to VOF with my family,esp.glacier walk,and hopefully photography and trek for a lot of flowers.Kindly advise,best time for flower types.
    My second query is can I volunteer as a botanist cum ecologist,(with a graduation in geology!!),to be a part of your team too.
    Dr S K Balachander

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