Valley of Flowers Trek: A Detailed Travel Guide for Visitors

Introduction: The valley of flowers trek officially starts in the monsoon (June, July & August) after the heavy snowy winter gives way to flower blossoms. As of now, the valley of flowers trek is underway in Uttarakhand, India. The valley of flowers happens on the Himalayan plains at an elevation of more than 3500m (12,645ft). Acclimatisation may not be much of an issue for fit and fiddle trekkers. 

It’s advisable to do basic stretching exercises or yoga to stay in shape. Gains in higher altitudes may disorient, so better to take up several heights acclimatisation. Rest assured, the Valley of Flowers trek is done in phases to ensure all are comfortable & adapted to the local weather & climate.

Arrival Points for Tourists

By Air – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (295kms)

By Train – Rishikesh Railway Station 

By Bus – Govindghat, Pulna Village. Trek or ride to Ghangaria (14kms)

By Taxi/Cab/Personal Car – Govindghat, Pulna Village.Trek or ride to Ghangaria (14kms)  

Starting Point of the Valley of Flowers Trek

Day1 -Govindghat – Ghangaria (10kms) 

The Valley of Flowers trek starts at Govindghat in Chamoli District as the last motorable arrival point on the banks of the Alaknanda river. The scenic natural beauty can be mesmerising and entrapping as it is all mother nature’s blessing.

Day 2- Ghangaria Village -Valley of Flowers (6kms) 

Ghangaria is at an elevation of more than 3049m (10,003ft) above sea level. There are hotels and affordable stay options in Ghanagaria as you prepare for the final ascent to the valley of flowers. Ghanagaria is the base camp for treks to the valley of flowers because of its strategic location & proximity to the valley of flowers.

Day 3 -Valley of Flowers – Back to Ghangaria (6kms)

The final ascent to the valley of flowers in the morning weather is more favourable. The natural beauty, sounds and local weather conspire to give you a memorable experience. As you step into the valley, you are opened to a world fantasy yet actual in blossom.

Day 4 Hemkhund Sahib Trek Passage (2.5kms)

Those who trek to the valley of flowers try to seek divine blessings from the highest point located Gurdwara in the world. The Gurdwara is the holiest Sikh shrine that sees many pilgrims & devotees come to pay homage or take a holy dip. 

Day 5 Ghanagaria Descent – Back to Govindghat 

With your mission finished of visiting the valley of flowers, you can now choose to stay or descend and trek back to Govindghat to access more motorable road networks. Along the way, appreciate the beautiful natural beauty of the rivers Bhagirathi & Alaknanda. Enjoy the traditions & cultures that bring so much cultural diversity to Uttarakhand & India.

Entrance into the Valley of Flowers

There are entrance charges of 150 for Indian citizens & 600 for foreign tourists. The tickets are valid for three days. For entrance into the valley of flowers, it is better to wake up early as the trek starts by 7:am & the gates close by 5{00 pm daily/ The last entry is accepted at 2 pm but must exit by 5 pm. 

Entrance Fees & Other Charges 

a) Indian Tourists and Nationals – 150 rupees for three days

b) Foreign Tourists and Nationals – 600 rupees for three days

NB. Extra charges apply for shooting videos or professional shots. These are all mentioned ta the entrance as you get the ticket.

Best Tips on Trekking Strategy to Valley of Flowers 

a) Always ensure hydration and maintain high energy levels

b) Use the most resilient trekking gear and accessories like shoes along the trek. 

c) Avoid carrying excessive luggage & weight as it drains you & weakens you faster. Energy is crucial.

d) Keep a bright torch, extra batteries, a baseball cap, sunglasses & insect repellents.

e) Get warm woollen clothes & waterproof clothing & bag, 

f) Take a break when you feel tired or weak. Better ask for assistance.


There are several ways to connect and enjoy the valley of flowers trek. This comprehensive tourist guide avails the minutest details on the valley of flowers trek. It enables tourists to know how to navigate their way through the passage to the valley of flowers. For more tourist, relevant & helpful information & details on the valley of flowers trek, login to and access a wealth of valuable travel data.