Things to carry for Valley of flowers trek

The following is the list of things to carry for Valley of flowers trek, that we recommend you take, and is a guideline of what to bring. You are responsible for having the necessary personal equipment you need for this trek.

  1. Two pairs of lightweight trousers or pants, one for trekking and one to wear at night.

    You can have more.

  2. One pair of shorts.

    It will be helpful in rainy season as it will not get wet from bottom.

  3. Two light weight fleeces or wool jumpers.

    Fleece jacket things to carry for Valley of Flowers Trek

  4. A woolen hat to wear in the mornings and evenings.

    Temperature varies from 4 degree to 8 degree Celsius.

  5. A light weight umbrella or Poncho

    It rains almost daily during July and August.

  6. Sunglasses

    Sun shines very brightly during day time.

  7. A pair of gloves. (optional)

  8. A camera

    You can use your mobile phone as well to click the pictures.

  9. A note book and/or writing paper and pen

  10. Duffel bag or large rucksack to carry to gear while trekking. We recommend you use something strong and sturdy.

  11. Daypack: This is a small rucksack to carry the gear you will need while trekking. Camera, spare jacket, waterproof jacket, water bottle, pack lunch etc.

  12. Water bottle

  13. Small towel

  14. Toiletries, N.B as little as possible, if you are traveling with friends try to share toiletries

  15. Small torch with spare batteries. (Important). There will be no electricity after 9 pm. You will need it

  16. Walking boots / trekking shoes.  If you are buying new boots for this trip please ensure they are well broken in before hand. Few things will make you more miserable during the trek than blisters. You need to cross some shallow rivers using them (Some time jumping over round stones in shallow rivers). It is better to have shoes which does not get wet easily. (Avoid shoes made of foam and cloth kind of stuff). Our recommendation is take some woodland shoes with a backup of good quality floaters.  Old shoes must be avoided if they are not in good condition as last year two of our clients got their shoes sole removed while trekking right inside the Valley of flowers. That is something no one would like to happen with himself. You also need to take them off while crossing some shallow rivers. (Kindly talk to me if you want at +91 9991142759)

  17. Medicines like muscle relaxant, some antibiotics, one crape bandage, if you are prone to vomiting then some medicine for that

  18. Some dry fruits like Fig, Cashew nut and Almonds. Also some chocolates can be bought, idea is to have high energy low weight food items while trekking.  Food quality available in Ghangria is not so good. So take some fruits / biscuits  for your breakfast and lunch for at least two days.

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what to wear on the trek to valley of flowers
what to wear on the trek to valley of flowers

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79 thoughts on “Things to carry for Valley of flowers trek”

  1. Hi Devkant

    Me and my wife are planning to visit valley of flowers and Hemkund sahib during 12-16 June,2017.
    Will start trekking from ghangaria. But we have never done such trekking and adventure activities. Is it advisable for us to go or we should avoid solo and join some groups. Also let me know the things to carry for trekking and Do’s and Don’t for the trip.

    • Hello Sir,

      The detailed itinerary has been sent to you. Kindly check. The trek is till Ghangaria starting from Pulna village (10 kms.). We shall accommodate you in a group of 9-10 people as it is group trekking. These information shall be given to you once you are willing to join.
      Thanks !

  2. Please send me some more details as i am planning for vof trek with my friend.
    Around sept mid.
    Is this the right time to go?
    Sept mid or october?
    Please let me know.

    • Hello Janhvi
      The itinerary for this year has been sent to you. Kindly check your mail. You can come during September mid, it is good of a time. Valley gets close in initial days of October.
      So Sep. mid is a good option, you will be able to witness flowers as well.
      Contact if intersted this year.
      Thank you !!

  3. hi sangwan

    we approx 6 to 7 friends planning for VOF after 10th june. we visited last year joshimath and auli, that was awesome. planing from last two years to VOF but due to time shortage and other issue trip was cancelled.

    Please give some details about our trip on mail id.

  4. Hi

    We are planning to visit valley of flowers this year in Aug-15.Please let us know if you arrange treks for 2 people as well.We don’t wish to go in any group.


  5. Hi Devkant, we are planing a trip to VOF around 14th Aug, pls help us solve following query..

    1. Is it possible to bring my 4 yr son on this trek

    2. How is the place and travel conditions after unfortunate flood last year

    3. Is it possible to complete the trek in 5 days, as we are little short on time

    Ajay Singh

  6. Hi Dev,

    we are planning to visit valley on 15th Aug to 17th Aug. valley will be open during these days?
    and can this trip be done in 3 days?

    please provide information about things we can do during these 3 days.


  7. Hi Dev,I am coming to VOF this weekend. I am reading that Its still not open. I am still coming there now coz of lack of time & my thirst if adventure. I am traveling alone. Can u confirm if it is safe to travel alone to VOF

  8. Hi Dev. If I have to choose between 15th July & 15th August, which is the better time to visit the valley for a better view of the flowers?

    • Both dates are at par for a first time visitor, there will be different variety of flowers in these dates. In 15th July there is more chance that you will see big size of Glaciers along with the flowers.

  9. Hi dev,
    I am truly impressed with ur work. I wish to take the Badri and Vof trek this june 24 to 30. Is it a gud time. Will the valley be in full bloom?
    V r 4 ppl. I will contact u in the coming couple of days for more jnfo and advise.

    • Mam Valley of Flowers will be accessible afer 30th june this year and our departures start from 6th of july so kindly choose a date after this from the given departures on our site. For more info kindly contact us on or you can call us +91 9991142759.

  10. Hello Devkant, Your blog is truly informative and it is a reader’s delight..Any trip plan to that valley this July to Sept 2014?


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